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Prepare your things
Dissolve your mind
Cause I'm your consort
Beautiful queen of seventeen

A blood red moon
Has spared our bed
But not your
Death rides a horse full force, burning bridges
Put asunder, this I'm under
One face, one oath, one truth
Easy money consorts with easy virtue
Upon the altar

Devil's bride
Devil's bride

The chanting grows
The time is near
Lucifer's consort
She shows no fear

K.C.'s come and can't ya hear it like their crying when?
Up there then the airplanes are turnin' in
Flipped over like a train of consorts
Dropped off
La flore est à l'orage
La peur de l'eau qui dort
Je prépare mes hameçons
Mon bouchon et consorts
Ça mord ça fout l'effervescence
Hunger my consort

Instinct of self-preservation my doom
No would I will inflict my self
The fear of the Reaper is equal your weight
of a perfect world?
Where all desire to consort
Is perceived as contagious disease

Keeping each to their own
Where social bonding is taboo
Keeping each to their
Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah
I bow to the Ancient One,O Rudra
Bow to the Ancient One, O Consort of Durga

The King of the Holy Mountains
Who dwells
inhabit thy brow.
Cross out of thy books malevolent looks,
Both beauty and youth's decay,
And wholly consort with mirth and sport
To drive the cold
dirty consort
Spread out on your lap
Snow white blades as bridesmaids

Turn me on white curse
Use my love, it's yours
Turn me on white curse
Use my soul,
the wild Pagan heart
And the May Queen sings her song
For her consort who is gone

Children mourn the loss of Pan
Whom Death banished from this land
Rules, Consort the ghost, who's laying low, evil is
All we've ever known,
Hang all his priest, stripping of souls, second
Coming, raping the world,
Unkempt unruly devour defenseless
Occupant if poverty build character
And spoils breed arrogance
Id rather consort with the low and the decadent
an aristocrat

In the middle of the night
The ladies of the court
Would catfight tryna be the king's consort
I'm sorry B, he's hot for me
La Comtesse du

A literal translation by j. mark sugars 1997

Once I was a gentle maiden,
But now I am a spent, worn-out widow,
My consort strongly plowing
You can find yourself a young consort
Writers of unpopular fiction are trying to drink more
Than bikies who've all left their beards at the door
a damsel in distress
Love hold us in thrall, my eternal mistress
You've been wife, my lover, my sister, my mother, my maid
My partner, my consort, my bit
Oh yeah, yeah
Yes well, well, well
I took a walk down to the port
Where strangers meet and do consort

All blinkered with desire
And a winter fog
slayful eye
But the hag replied

"This girl that chides
Will soon be as plagued with age as I"

Her consort laughed a plume of icy breath
and blood
Will rise up like lust
And the shadow of my dark consort shalt extend
Himself across the face of the world

And Hell will come with Him"
J'escalade des montagnes et je bats des records
Je trafique de la cam' du pôl'sud au pôl'nord
Et la Reine d'Angleterre
M'suggèr' de remplacer le Prince Consort
of frenzying and hungry sea monkeys
Suffering have internal mange
You'll have to consort to the king for change

Look in the mirror of souls, see exactly
the jump junk
In veins impedes the brain hijackin planes
Pull a kotex out of Louis Lane
Explain the sky rain
Cadillacs and dead bitches consort with
de milliers de consorts
Qui adorent ou acceptent le concept et les préceptes que j'abhorre
De plus en plus hardcore, au vu des préliminaires

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