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Hunting through their silent and dark night
Exploration of their bodies as they sleep

Their limbs taken away
Conserving the right leg

A windmill rotating
Fuel cells generating
Fossil fuels reducing

Not shutting down keep the power on
Geothermal convection
Conserving peace from a witch, curve her needs with a click
Think that she notice
Spacing their knees then I grease and then leave
And they think
doubt and sorrow
(Turning away from the past we know)
The Universe at our command
(Conserving the fate of the world we grow)
Together you and I, we
about energy too
Call your county cooperative extension service for more information
Conserving energy is everyones responsibility
Call four H to find
Yea I got some love for em but love em independently
Lately I been selfish cause I'm conserving my energy

The sky might fall, the sky might fall
Conserving every penny
Every drop
Never wasteful
Always fight for love
And never let it turn to hateful, yuh
Never let it turn to hateful
Never let it turn
Words that I like
Independent woman conserving her rights
7 days of a strong woman’s a lot for a week nigga
Let you reminisce to the tempo I beat witcha
Hizzle for the mouse, taters on the couch
Bougies and the spliff conserving me the ounce
Back to back brews and cap shrooms bloomin' through the noon
sneakyuation nigga tried to play me mmp for conserving that dank
Im a make that way straight to bank
Im on it now they wanna look at me strange
Im on it now can
despair and hope
And you keep talking, endless talking, just to prove me wrong
Hiding behind walls of values and unsung songs
But conserving your concerns
pleasure to preserve
It's my
It's my word
Conserving all this greatness
I'm the master of the herd like
It's forever
Imma do this 'til
dirt on it, but it'll all be worth it if
I'm conserving more fuel than I'd ever be by preserving it
What's the point of the bridge if it don't fulfill
know I never lie
I'm a clever guy when it comes to this
But not really good at saving or conserving my shit
So I be cursing a bit cuz ain't more tree
Like a bear outta hibernation
I'm hungry B
Was sleep but now woke
Conserving energy
Wide-awake I don't trust em
These bitches' whole snakes
the eyes

Pretending the belonging of knowledge
Making the world to turn within itself

Pathetically conserving itself into an illusion
A vain masking
This black man be shining I know these people observing it
It takes a little heart & concentration conserving it 
No more discouragement 
You people
Imagine if my T was white in the caption
You heard I be blacking, Mike Jackson the bleach
Conserving (I hope this shit last me a week)
And If it's real
feel like I'm being tested and I'm failing every question
There's gotta be a lesson I'm not Tempurpedic but they sleep on me
Ima leave em be
I Jell Os and spoonfeed you how I made it happen
A hobby they never taxing
A few shawties at my party relaxing
Conserving they energy for some later
Slide in yo hoe like Kyrie irving
tell if I'm alive

Sick on the floor
I got a weak constitution for violence

Tears dried on my face
Should be conserving water

But the slaughter!
Yea I got some love for em but love em independently
Lately I been selfish cause I’m conserving my energy
The sky might fall, the sky might fall
of observing
Abandoned sherpas and camps family and dirge for an urchin
Urgent inversions of verses that surge and serve an oasis
Courageous stern in conserving

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