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arent congruent
Can't be you niggas We isn't congruent
I see an issue i gotta get through it
Never have seen it when i thought i couldn't
I see where I'm
know her influence
Ho, stay in line, yeah, I love 'em congruent

Okay, these niggas lying, they ain't moving no weight
Touch one of mine nigga
To the world, we are never congruent (Never)
On my shit, ya just very unruly (Very)
Love ya life, don't be ready to lose it (Love it)
the spirits
To appear and make you mine
In this music it's affluent
And congruent to the mind
Of an artist that's the farthest
When it comes to pitch it's mine
Skip class
To get that Money Congruent
Missed class
Just to be a better student
Skip class
Had to keep the trap moving
Priorities are rolling
Bitch shakin' ass, what the fuck is you doin'? (what you doin'?)
I ain't chasin' hoes, but you know I'm pursuin'
I'm fuckin' two hoes, I do it congruent
All these hunnits with me like I grew it
Hunnits on Hunnits they looking congruent
I made it all in a day and I blew it
He said he needed a pack
From the voice that inspires congruent echoes
This one has another side
An Enclosing tomb, A life of sacrifice
Only for this
Ossuary permeation is
been through it
Haters hate when we're winning but love us losing 
So, lift up each other we been congruent 
We gotta stay focus and keep it moving 
like the most prized primed nudist
Throw nuke at the noodle you can try to maneuver this
Bitch you ain't congruent

Uhhh when i hop outta bed
Might go
never been Truant
Yo nigga do all that talking
But in real life he a pussy that mean y’all Congruent
Three 6 mafia, Kanye, lil Wayne my main 3
Life i talk the life i walk its all congruent
Benefit of the doubt i don't like assuming
(Oh no)
I aint judging you baby move how you want
Ain't nothing to it 
Waking up to the dough
Everything we do is exclusive 
Ride around, fuck the opposition, no we not congruent 
Got that cash flow,
have become congruent 

Proved-in Memories conjuring the pass
Good and bad

A Desertion of equality 
Over love

Visible morality in
your body so congruent gruent 
And that booty lookin stupid
I'm tryna have you sing my music
Like, like

You just do something ta me
Girl you do
And then we can be as one
Groovy and congruent
Life is a race where most pace
To meet the undone
Only for fruition

As I look into the ocean
get to it)
We are so congruent (Congruent) the vibe is nice and fluent (Fluent)
Girl you like a drug you got me under the influence (Under
And itâ¬"s your own fault your faith wonâ¬"t show
Like itâ¬"s over now, over now
And itâ¬"s your time

Your time though no signs seem congruent
Youâ¬"ll find
congruent, and commonly affluent
Innately effervescent, surprisingly incessant
Superblier commended, eccentric and demented
There's nobody here but us
who that?
The crown ruler is back
He congruent to the shape of a mack
Look how I do it yo I'm takin' you back
This how you rise down to the foundation
One of them bitches is cute, the rest of them congruent
Why you talking my nigga? Just go and do it
Niggas awful at dressing, they just aight at music
minds are mutual
We congruent, lay on the corner with the trauma unit
I'm from the lab where the bomb's distributed
So never try to duplicate the skills
congruent with
I manifest nothing less than the best outcome
Just watch my moves with this next album, nigga

Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen,
to please a nigga I'm trying to stack some ends
The strong survive while the weak slowly dying
I'm congruent to them boys I'm out there slanging them pies

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