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how do they do it?
Pick one direction and stick to it?
I'm part of both and yet I feel excluded 
Concluded they want me rooted
Or else I'm booted
others nearly not

There are times I almost think
I am not sure of what I absolutely know
Very often find confusion
In conclusion, I concluded long
Aruba concluded
He now had a little money to spend
That's how I came to meet my African friend 

We were rollin' the bones several hours
they exclusive 
If you fucking with a leech 
It's been concluded and it's lucid 

If that bitch always say she want a rich nigga
The same type
I concluded the other night
I was the Lucky, you were the Light
As we walked to the show
You meant the world to me
I love your hair
Love the way you
from scratch
We just want an answer for
The days that we have lost
The concluded memoirs
And we have come undone
It's another day
Another face
concluded that
I'm on my path and you're in my way
Go pick your flowers and
Spend all your hours pretending that
I am not okay
You would say the worst to me
‘cause the fire’s been lit (It's warm)

And I’m not the one with all the answers, my dear
I’m sure we concluded this conversation last year
So do we have
This one's from the hip
Oh mother you have sorely misjudged me
It should have been whipped
Out of me
Without a father figured I
Yeah I concluded
don't know what to say
When my heart wants to praise
And I have concluded of You
That I barely know anything about You at all
Cause Lord if You showed
concluded I have no control
Who's dejected, sick of everything gone wrong
And there's no change, it's like your just a pawn
So full of rage, my blood boils
Concluded I am not a part of the norm of this joyride
I'm institutionalised again
A doctor took me apart
Cinema it took me apart
Concluded I am ill
Is feeling
Cause it won’t happen
No, no, no
It won't happen
None of it will happen
You concluded our end
You concluded our end
Dancing in the kitchen infront of moms
fantasy land, live without a care 
Love is timeless, all arounds us, far as I can see 
Maybe some day I've concluded, this could come to be 

Always looking

Damn the rules it's just the feeling that counts
Some things I started have now concluded
I'm glad she bounced
Cause now I can evolve
a tax on my career
You're so diluted some concluded you done disappeared

And I don't know
And I hardly care anymore

No, I don't know!
And I
doors up tight
Does it make it alright
If we concluded your life
How do you sleep at night
Go lock your doors up tight
Does it make it alright
If we
did not predict I was the
Perfect candidate for your hunt
Now, I ain't with it
I'm sick of all your bitching
I've concluded you're a fucking cunt
We're all left to die
Illusion of meaning
Ended by your impalement
All shall die
Human being
Stricken down
Concluded life
concluded our amity
And it'll never be the same

My sorrow is fading
These scars will remain as momentos of my pain
Echoes of the past cut through you
and the lightning
Retreat to the ground with our feathers beat and bending

Cause by the time we're both lucid
We'll be one done and concluded
You're waiting so
Distanced in delusions, you've concluded
To make a mountain out a mole hill, is absolute if
You tryna blow, is that all you see? Or that's what's
concluded long ago 
In my head are many facts T
hat, as a student, I have studied to procure, 
In my head are many facts.. 
Of which I wish I was more certain
This one's from the hip, oh mother you have sorely misjudged me
It should have been whipped out of me
Without a father figured I
Yeh I concluded then

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