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foul adjectives. 
Punish the subject with the subjective. 
Steal the scene for your pronouncement of a sentence for the common nouns. 
But you changed
Like Two Chainz
Operating off two brains
One on the ground
And one in the clouds
Operating on a common sound
N I C O ain’t a common noun
That’s ego
You make me bleed I no more will feed you 

Tore myself down
Time to start the countdown 
See if we're common nouns
Or you're just an adnoun
You ain't
grier, foxy brown to be my common noun
Baby and me me swim to breakfast in a jet ski
Rolling to the dinner party pull up in an X-wing
Where the guest list
out, the way i ring it out, i relinquish
Them juicy sounds-with the simple way that i pronounce, a common noun
It might astound, the flow that i found
My town is looking like a ghost town 
Ya just be spitting a common noun 
Coppers doing a massive crackdown
Out here spitting these bars till sun down
down, kids they seem dumber now
it's funny how, the common noun, relates us to these mumble clowns
always run their mouths, never praise the underground
show, no humdrum
Comfortably dumb
But not that dumbed
Down, down
Inter-Class Clown
A common noun
As I was better known
Though they would swipe
Wouldn't be
wanna make my mama proud
Run up all the digits, I been tryna get the commas down
You know they call me king, I'm established as a common noun
Best believe
Down to belter square
cnd we will take our pleasures there
Speak your mind while i internalize
Like all the rest downtown
You're calling me a common
Hang up your skin
Before it sags you down
Before it becomes your telling gown
My years are but a common noun
Desolating how the world goes round
cnd noun the emphasis  
Common sense is meaning less  
Two words
Shared a cigarette on an elevator ride  
God forbid you miss the hype  

The article ‘the’ likes most nouns 
Singular or plural, common or compound 
Uncountable or countable he likes them too 
But don’t use ‘the’ with proper nouns
Once for the Tribe
Talkin' 'bout my man GLC and now he's around
Talkin' 'bout John Legend
Take 'em all the way to Heaven
Speakin' of Heaven
Letter won gon ko formal
Miliki won kon por ni wo ko loyal
Won common ju ninu Noun won proper
Ali won do kirido ni ko dawa (KDA)
Jekin pe paso
Ka na
after me
Though I am guilty of my sins Lord
Let me be in peace
Ironically the iconic
Fall victim to the same thing it's so common
Human is just a noun
turn your frown down
Go from being common
No Cap to a Proper noun
Academic regalia
That's your proper gown
Dog I'm in the lead (In the lead)
Like I
I guarantee I'd overshadow you
Like a fucked up taper that
Turned to bowl cut
I'mma close cut to Common and Gucci Mane
Now that's a comparison that
a statement with these nouns and verbs
I represent the liquor that poured out on the curb
Listen to my nouns and verbs
Man I wanna be heard
Like a cattle
the fists from around my jaw
Clowns get sawed with the verbs and the nouns I draw

It's off-camera, before '94, I got at 'em like the law
Kicked down a door,
And that's been killin' me inside, eatin' me alive
And I can't find the words, nor the nouns or verbs
To express what you deserve, girl you worth the world
the back with my little red light
Shoot em down quick so it's not a sound
I don't pack rounds I just rap for rounds
Only mag I need and it's full of nouns
Tang's[01:17.35]An advance is the reason no Hoobastank[01:19.81]Drawn in by the shiny s*** barracuda brain[01:22.64]You would think common sense is more common than
speakin or start walkin
Coke you're smokin got you gaggin and coughin
It's a beacon of light that I present
Illuminatin the mic with common sense

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