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Who is the searcher?
Who is the colonist?
In time, you will know
The last Wilderness

And may you restful be, in time
Do not colonize
I hung around
On the planet Mabel
She tried to stand
But she was not able

She tried to find the truth
She tried to colonize space
She only

Watch it fall
Before your eyes
The numbers drop
Your money dies

Where there once was
There's nothing
The prison and the shackles
Colonize you brick by brick
Leading by example

Sun up, sun down
Two hundred species die
Crawled off a cliff

Naturally live it through desires
Colonize all moral empires
Solider, this is where you can reach me now

We come from an ancient place
Beyond what we can see
We've come to colonize your night
And steal your
and Scotties
Sent to colonize the north
You wave your bloody Union Jacks
And you know what it's worth!
How dare you hold on to ransom
A people proud
You want some new brutalism?
You want something you can write home about
You want something to move away for
A reason to colonize

New hope in
a nest, to take the quest.
To be given just one chance, to be
the best.

Go forth and re-colonize.

It appears the foundations
of all our great
tracking up my arm

I am the anchor
Bound to my existence

I make peace with the parasites I live among
Paralyzed I watch them colonize as I sit here
Bloody Sunday's the day!

You Anglo pigs and Scotties
Sent to colonize the North
You wave your fucking Union Jack
And you know what it's worth!
We colonize a better place 
Unable to transform our fate
We follow whatever path grows 
Directions no one knows

Given the choice for normalcy,
No name for people to call small or colonize optimism
No name for inmate registries that they put me in prison
I sewed the answers in linen
they ever
Sold he saw his world as a vapor life

We colonize and we multiply as we
Suck it dry yeah we're sure to die off

Live it down
the slaver
Maybe it's evil these people do savour
Colonize land in the name of thy saviour
Then burn it all down 'til it's ash
Barter our bones and our
time is taller
Than space is wide
And we bade goodbye
To the great divide
Found unlimited simulacreage to colonize

But there was a time we were lashed
an unintelligible lie

Off we flew like swarms of hornets

'Woken up' from winter’s rest
To colonize with plastic pulp

Our neighbor’s perfect paper nest
problem, more panic
Suddenly now more planet
More places man can inhabit
Colonize and breed up like rabbit
Contaminate and spread dirty habit
immersed in a sea of replicants?
Hard exteriors and fake gold fronts
Losing yourself in the flavor of the month
Gotta be a better reason to colonize
a dream that pulls that asked to colonize your mind
The life you want, the life you likely need

What am I supposed to be, what am I supposed to be now
Easy come, easy go.
Everyone thinks they know,
'Bout the thing, high unknown.
Put their thoughts on a throne,
Then they name it G-O-D,
Colonize, you
Easy come, easy go.
Everyone thinks they know,
'Bout the thing, high unknown.
Put their thoughts on a throne,
Then they name it G-O-D,
Colonize, you
So you creep to your basement
And lie about being asleep
All alone where the rats colonize
With their tea
As they sip and they watch
You give into
Just pray and close your eyes
Until we colonize
The moon and stars

But wouldn’t it be great
If we could wipe the slate
When we all live in hate

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