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can join the wave
I done penny nickel dime I done coined da phrase
You couldn't beat me dear if ya had a leer
Indian style court side wit' a cavalier
'Cause it's Barbie bitch, you can join the wave
I've done penny nickel dimed, I done coined the phrase, ha!
You couldn't beat me there if you had
when you are near
A sound will seldom leak

When I was a little girl
I coined a mighty text
Looking back I blush to hear
What I'd come out with next
I have the best confection
I was gone for all the lessons
Who coined these words I use
Stay out and be abused
I didn't want to be
can join the wave
I done penny nickel dime I done coined da phrase
You couldn't beat me dear if ya had a leer
Indian style court side wit' a cavalier
and man it's cold
Alcohol and stranglehold

Toxic toast Jake coined the phrase
Haven't thought about it for a while
Mindless endless nights and days
double up, milkshake and fries

I heard a call from the mountain top (Joba)
So I put my cloak on and I walked
Coined a peasant in the grasslands with
of this time?
The dystopian days of yore 
Will something good come of this time?
They say the Black Death plague 
Coined the nursery rhyme
But hold your
my physical voice was coined for
I wanted to serve with hunger
But my gut split
And the hunger man poured into war

(Ooh) these are selfish times
Slogans coined, songs have been written
Rumors have been circulated
Autographs faked
The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape
So man stood up with a new zeal 
And made a new start 
Coined new words with a feel 
Social distancing and quarantine
The world turned online 
sorrows and demons at night
Came for the women, I need me a vibe
They wanted beef now we See eye to eye
Duke city native, but I coined the Q
People throw
They don’t deserve what they worked for or
What they inherited
Money can’t buy happiness
Is a phrase coined by the rich
If you’re rich you are
on the radio?
The radio

You coined the terms that they use on the daily show
Broadcasting notes that you made when you heard the noise
Now you expect me to sing
I'm coined up and I ain't goin' back
Let 'em know I'm coming for 'em
Call me Mr. Castle
I'll be calling out these pussy rappers
You'd think it's
Lowkey, my joints is bad
Highkey, I coined the swag
Poindexter with drip on his limbs
Crankin' DOOM: how he clicked with his friends
Payin' dues, said his
it's mine or yours

I hope this feels like shin splints and slivers
As you bite down on second best like silver, oh
Coined by the gag gift in your bed
to screw
She got double-teamed each night
Now the three were sex obsessed
She coined "incest is the best," because it just felt so right
Able had the biggest
Or watched on a live feed without a just cause -​
Powers not grounded when it writes above the law​
I seem to think they coined it crown for
Your fate is coined
to succeed
The ice on my neck is the only ice we need

Illegality is a term, coined by fear
They'd rather keep us out than comply to hear
That we're educated
We never strayed from walls

We coined a new idea
But we looked old
We turned it to small talk

And every piece of this restriction
Is falling into
a man
In the middle of the road
The next day I woke up
They coined a lie and said we didn’t see things right
The next time I looked
The reports come in
the point
"You don't understand" is what she coined
My debate was reasonably right
She was frustrated, I was deer in the headlights
She got up and proceed

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