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Clam Abuse  


Hey, everybody, gather 'round
Listen to that bongo sound
Grab the first one in your reach
Now we're going to shake the beach

Do the clam, do
Beautiful, powerful careless women, watch it

And my body screams, "Yes"
And my mind just keeps its peace
I clam up, I calm down

My body screams,
Like a giant clam
Run that girl over
Get that poseur

Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
Son of a dog
General dozer
mean, that's why I'm for, Clam Central
Plan B
We have just entered Grand Clam Central Station
the other way

First couple out to the couple on the right
Circle up four for half the night

Duck for the oyster, duck, duck, duck
Dig for the clam
Let us now discuss the mental attitude
The mental must always stay clam
You must let nothing move you
Be it good or bad

But when the mental
It started about the time
She got all packed up

Could be my ego, could be my pride
Or maybe my clam cool collective side
Might be my heart
time I think about You
I gotta right to praise You, Lord
You soothe my doubts and clam my fears
I can't explain the way I feel

Every time I think
Blizzards reign the fires by
The pod their cold heat set ablaze my
Burning soul embodiment at least
A fear rises the storm clams the choirs
and on and on and on and on

Delilah slides from the clam, body dripping
Nothing ever happens on Mars when you're tripping
Electro-kick with a skeleton message
Paint it all black
of Timber-lands 
I know you clam heads want to surrender 
Don't even act like the battlefield the place you want to enter 
Yo niggaz is hopeless, you really need
People fly people flee
People clam and say "it wasn't me"
People fish people beef
People arm to teeth

Yes, you've got people on the tube
over the place
Little dabs of the human race
Poor little dab
Right here at the center of you

Man I never needed to go
To Epcot center
Happy as a clam
never to last
Better a match better a blend
Who needs a lover i need a friend
Now i am clam save and serene
Heartache and hurt are no longer a part
acting like it had
PMS. I heard high heels on the linoleum floor of the outer
Office. She came in wearing a pair of clam diggers that
Had obviously never
Clam shells clappin'
happy as a clam 

Stars above me are smiling now 
Ever since you put me down 
And I close my eyes 
And I can't see your face.
Hey now!
Take a mip mack mop and a brim bram broom
And clim clam clean up the rim ram room
'Cause your bim bam baby`s comin' home tonight

Do your math!
Eat your clams!
I always hated the L.A. Rams.
Climb up on the roof,
(To watch the police)
As a shadow wanders across your room.
happy as giant clams

But Calamity Jane ruined everything
With her body and brains
She lived up to her name
She was Calamity Jane

We were kissing
Lets do it
Lets fall in love
Cold Cape Cod clams against their wish do it
Even lazy jellyfish do it
Lets do it
Lets fall in love
Electric eels I
(Lost in Florida lost in Florida)
Here's an oyster and here's a clam but I don't know where I am
Here's a gator and here's a bear but I don't worry
Born to hippie parents 
Given a different name 
Which he caught much flak for 
The world was his oyster 
And hollywood the clam 
When he grew up 
Lets do it
Lets fall in love
Cold Cape Cod clams against their wish do it
Even lazy jellyfish do it
Lets do it
Lets fall in love
Electric eels I

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