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restoration I may balk and churl
I have my standards to maintain
The very fact I'm here at all is quite absurd
The aggravation leaves a stain
Oh, I love
This makes as much sense as a frog on a chain
A leper knocking trees down with his fist
Twisting my ear like I'm a school yard churl
You know I
favourite song 
is the one about how the world done him wrong 
the soul singer

They call him curmudgeon, say he's a churl
Stories follow him round the world
I hear the sirens call all the way from the edge of the world 
False gods walk amongst you all 
All you men you churls 
I feel the earth it shakes
Grab her by the waste, bend it over, fuck the world like it’s ya favorite girl
Churls to the world, love it when she’s looking pretty now give
drunken churl 
Cultures crumble, races die 
Stench of midgets fill the sky 
Smashing skulls with ghastly crunch
Pretty soon we'll break for lunch 
Hold your horse and be a king*.
Every Monday is a battle ring.
Someone is a bishop, someone is a churl,
I'm a common Ulster girl

Wake at six, your
the world

So don't stop my reign
For the good of the world
Stay out of my way,

Someday you'll see
Your idolatry
Rely on me

My word is true
So why are
Captives fill the breeding hive
Desecrate their sovereign world
Bloated, bloody, drunken churl
Cultures crumble, races die
Stench of midgets
mouth and you'll be
Naked face down

You always talk so big but
You are just a churl
You're a little boy trapped
In a mans world
I can read you
Pull apart the little girl strapped on
Pull apart the little churl, so she can't
Get away,
Epic trouble, In slumberland,

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