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Chrystal Monee Hall  


As the sun sets
Emeralds in the sky
Glowing bright
Let it catch your eye
Chrystal ships
As they passing us by
Chrystal ships
As they passing us by
As the sun
I'm sick. Magic school bus, wanna fuck ms frizz
Love my chains like I love my meth 
Only rock the rocks that look like crystal 
Chrystal Chrystal
a monkey on her rear
I got money in my pocket 
Drip so much the floor get soggy 

Ear on chandler 
Hear the hate (Yeah)
Hear it chrystal clear
She gone ride
horses placed in my own yard and some roses
I've made a bouquet for my wound, I'm self-loving
Chrystals just fall from the sky, it's wintertime
I send you
get near us
Bitches 'round me shakin' ass like Shakira
Niggas poppin' Chrystal every time they hear us
I stay on niggas mind like a new era

control I'm acvtivatin yo souls
You know, the way the games get told
Yo two years ago, a friend of mine
Told me alazhay and Chrystal
Blows your mind
This golden goodie blast from the past
Was introduced by The Chrystals"
at all.
I got that feeling that I'm on my own.

I'm leaving for my world made of Chrystal,
It looks like snow and it's my paradise.
It's gleaming even
To the house that my father's hands made, 
A crooning bird on a chrystal bough and, 
O, a sad, sad word!
know, now you know
Now you know, now you know

Now you know, now you know
(We got London on da Track)

Hold it, I'll eat you like Cock Chrystal
Eat all my
chrystal, a sip or so
You can send 'em all back
The type that walk up in the club screamin'
Where the ho's at
Tracks stay steaming, keep your floors
wallow in the dust
And if you're looking for the answers
You won't need a chrystal ball
'Cause they're not taking any chances on
Democracy, Democracy
chrystal, a sip or so
You can send 'em all back
The type that walk up in the club screamin'
Where the ho's at
Tracks stay steaming, keep your floors
and the G
You just in the D J.E. era
Chromed out carreras
Sex, boozin', and nonstop I flow watch out
Gimme some chrystal, a sip or so
You can send 'em all
Shine on Me
Shine on Me
Let the light of your lighthouse
Shine on Me

upon the chrystal stone at jesus feet
oh joyous I pass my golden crown
Said he got him an issue and I owe him one
So he need to hold onto the pistol
As i left from the trap stopped by the gun safe
Cuz I got so many I
getting wasted; getting

Chrystal candy,bad tattoos
diet Coke and Disney blues
I'm so tired  
Kick off in the void 
Let's get some weed and chill out
so far away

Chrystal skies, they are lovers' arms
Hugging you good night
I'm the wind blowing from afar
In your bones and in your eyes 
Feel the rush
wanna cry less tears
I just wanna live with no fear
It's my vision, chrystal clear
I'm not the same but you still don't love me
You acting strange you
did it on my own

Chrystal energy in my soul
I can see it clear, now my story is told
I wouldn't be here if I did it all alone
Now you can hear my voice
these chrystal chandeliers
Someone call security, get him out of here
I just started swinging, thought that I could take them all
Said they've never seen
uri Chrystal ntamuntu uyoka
Urira unaseka
Ubundi ukinjira street uri walking dead
Ukidundadunda nkakadenesi
Wambariye kunkovu (wambariye kuri
Groupies wolln lieber, als wärn' wir ne' Boy Band
Jeden Tag komm' neunzig neue Voicemails
Alle warn' am haten, doch sind heut' Fans
Roederer Chrystal unterm'
the clouds
And If I'm lucky I might drown
In Chrystal waters happy sounds
Of angels breaking through the ground

If you dare to run
We're heading for

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