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every time you hear my song
Cuz I said I would make it you where the one who cheered me on
Early autumn she's packing her bags and gone
I wish we could
When I realized what this meant, oh how I cheered

Yes I cheered, oh how I cheered
When He was resurrected, I cheered
'Cause I knew death was defeated
as he ran it in

And the whole town cheered
And his mama cried
And they rushed downfield
And they raised him high
Got his picture in the paper
Man it’s been a while took me hella patience
Watching from afar I could not partake in
Still I cheered hard for my peers that made it
Trynna pop it like I ain’t afraid of living
Needed me but I gave you somethin’ different
Mask off because I ain’t gotta lie no more
Cheered up with
Is it the way I care too much
Was it all the pain you caused
I didn't know id be so lost
Was it the way I cheered for you
Were you the dream I
For this Gypsy King looks a little scraggy
He will die alone, no doubt in the Old Dog
But he'll have laughed and cheered and sung
Yea he'll have
Is there someone else
Who feels like I feel
What if I don’t
What if I do
Shoot my
I’m dressed up real nice
I know I smell good
My hair’s
up with some porter

For each song that we sung, she filled our glasses
For each son we sung, we got more drunk
And the people they cheered and filled
Tennis ball and a catcher's mitt
I remember that boy throwing it
High up in the air then catching it
While the oak tree leaves cheered

Oh, look
the crazy wind

I yelled and I cheered and praised the lord above
I yelled and I cheered and praised the lord above
My Little Pony come in, one head out
the Saxon we once were oppressed
Still I cheered, God forgive me, I cheered with the rest
And now that he's visited Erin's green shore
We'll be much better
What if the things that tie us are stronger than we knew

What if we'd shared a pint
What if we cheered the same team
What if these moments between us
and cheered me up them nights I was crying
So I won’t stop until daddy signing that dotted line
I hope you hear the pain I’m putting in every line
If you can’t
the air
Looked eachother in the eyes and both of them cheered
They finished their drinks then all of her fears
Came true when he got violent and pulled all
Even when I showed you evidence
Pretend that you were innocent
Even when you cheered for death for
Anyone who begged for help
Anyone who sought your aid
My soul is brightened by a light in my heart
When I praised God of mankind

And my soul is cheered up and the tears were flowing
Oh God! Guide my
to fail
You're a broke motherfucker on the coattails
We cheered when your coffin got its last nail
I'll drink to that with a Molotov cocktail

I found
I'll say it again that you are mine
Urvee, I want you to come back here
My world is empty without you dear
You always cheered me up
When my times
sung my song

It was fine - for awhile
The crowd they cheered and smiled
But the band left the stage
All the light - without a trace
And the silence was
carelessly cajoled me
Somebody jist as sweet as he
Cheered me and consoled me.
Never have I wept into my tea
Over the deal someone doled me

Many a new
the romance behind me
Many a new day will dawn before I do!

Never have I chased the honeybee
Who carelessly conjoled me
Somebody just as sweet as he
Cheered me
cheered on
Uh Uh, dont call my phone
Uh Uh, just leave me alone
Uh Uh, please dont text my phone
Why you calling home, please just leave me alone
Cause I’m still that same crazy motherfucker
That just don’t care
About opinions
Cause you can still come suck my dick
You wanna meet me in

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