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Nienawidzę jak jakiś lamus mówi „jestem z projektów''
Nigdy tu nie był nie widział tych ludzi i ich problemów
Więc nie mów

Jaram cię jak charmander wiesz
I was Charmander
Out here joining the Beast Division, out here looking like Newt Scamander
At first people ain't care for my vision, now they like
than the sun
Bling Bling
I'm great, But I'm not Alexander (no I'm not)
Spit that fire cuz I'm Charmander (spit that fire)
Jay and Silent Bob, I'm
Charmander (Charmander) (¡fuego!)
Como Onix, fuerte a lo roca (ey) (roca)
Bro, a mí, nadie me toca (toca)
Yo soy tranquilo
Pero no le niego batalla al que
I'm totin' it (grra-kada-boom)

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander
I'll make you lean, but you ain't drinkin' no Fanta (I got you)
Walk off the scene
Mira, neodemócrata y rapero
gran maestre de la orden suprema de Jaime Ballesteros
Amor al clero, al pokemon pepero, viva Charmander pero
paelles, sudokus
Tot 'per' mi, tot 'per mi
Charmander, Squirtle, Godzilla, Hamtaro
Tot 'per' mi, tot 'per mi
Neveres, girafes, sardines, pistatxos
and heavy metal.

Look, you’re 8bit because you are basic.

My great hits emerged out my basement.

My flames lit like Charmander's tail tip,

If it ever
the temper
I keep it hot like Charmander's ember
Robotic alcoholic yeah I'm on like Bender
While I'm on a bender drove drunk
Think I caved in the fender I
the fuckin' stars
Killin' niggas every time I write like it's fuckin Saw
Leave 'em charred, leave 'em Charmander without the tail spark
(That mean that nigga
Light up the city like Pikachu
I feel the fire when I'm with you
Must have Charmander with you
Charmeleon and Charizard too
So cute like Jigglypuff
a Charmander
They want a Squirtle too
We got to find a Pokemon
What are we going to do
The Toys shelves are empty
But we know that's nothin new

We just
Sake, kimonos, sartenes, sudokus
To' pa' mí, to' pa mí
Charmander, Squirtle, Godzilla, Hamtaro
To' pa' mí, to' pa mí
Neveras, girafas, sardinas,
pochwili jest za nami
Wtedy zapominam jakie byly slabe sprawy ta
Pa robie benger
Za plecami ogień jak charmander
Za plecami suki to nie konwój jest
Hà Nội xịn nhưng anh không phải là LK
Charmander anh biến bọn nó thành heo quay
Sex on the first date, anh chưa bao giờ bị leo cây
Cho em hát suốt
wraping up these rappers like your the devil
I'm Johnny with a fiddle Ned Flanders when I rap
Hey diddly diddly Charmander in the booth
And I've always Got
If I say I'm fucking you better believe me
My dick in her limbs now it's harder than Onix
Charmander my lighter
We rolling up chronic
Downed a Max
Call it intuition
Professor X
Double checkmate
We can call that part of the D.N.A
Fire flames
Charmander heat on both sides
To'l dia sin parar de bailar
Es un sueño hecho eternidad
No me despiertes nunca jamás
Elegiste a Bulbasur antes que a Charmander
Un manjar para un
pones más caliente que follando con un Charmander
Debajo de una manta eléctrica que arde
Envuelto en papel de aluminio inflamable
Dentro de un volcán de
the whip don't trip ima handle it
These mumble rappers is trash bitch to say the least
My tolerance going up fuck it Im smoking hashish
Charmander bic my
a row
She twerking on me and my Off-White Prestos
I got 68, 69, 70 hoes
I got Ved, I got Jesse
Got Jesse, Got James
Your bitch she my Charmander
Put them
plans baby who you wanna stay with
You can only choose me left my lady
You can choose me like
Charmander, yeah
Karma and tip in the phantom, yeah
Have a ball yeah yeah, catch ‘em all yeah yeah yeah
Usagi rocking the Polo, I’m flyer than Pidgeotto
I capture girls like a photo, Charmander, Bulbasaur,

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