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Shining in my fucking eyes
It hurts
The sun hurts my eyes
My eyes are burning now
Burned my eyes
In bird's eye
Thighs are chafing
They're chafing, I need
I'm forever chasing, always gon' be waiting 
Got nothing but time 
My tattoo's been chafing, pains a little babe 
But you're worth it so it's fine
making me
I just hit a stain on this bitch and now she chafing me
Princess cuts in my teeth nigga bling, ain't nothing for cheap

Mouth got gold all in it
skin  soon to be dead leather
Friction ! Chafing and chafing until thy wine flowing in gush
The lame rattle of your vocal chords making him proud.
Reflect the many things 
That are represented 
By your burning cheeks 
And you always knew 
That, when seen up close 
Chiffon is 
A chafing, rigid mess 
Slowly I walk through the gently falling rain
Knowing that I will never pass this way again
Never wondering why
Teardrops chafing my eyes
on the rolling sea

Oh what has become of me children three?
Me mother then she asked of me
One was exhibited as a talking fish
The other was served in a chafing
a chafing dish.”

Then the phosphorus flashed in her seaweed hair;
I looked again, and my mother wasn't there.
A voice come a-echoing out through the night:
as a talking fish
And the other was served on a chafing dish

Yo ho ho, the wind blows free
Oh, for the life on the rolling sea

Then the phosphorous
Lonely in this white room, there are pads everywhere
Chafing straitjacket, I won't die in there
Save me, smiling Jesus, get off that cross
wedge (Check!) Chafing dish (Check!) Backing track (Check!) Slot machine (Check!) Hockey mask (Check!) Isotope (Check!) Money for dope 
Swimming goggles
the waiting
I'll have you weak in the knees, like chemo do cancer patients
When I see that ass I get glad and rise like I was chafing

Come here baby cause this
Dry chafing, but this wannabe should listen
Or cough ya teeth up quick and I know honesty's a bitch
But we was taught to be dismissive

know for a fact that
It gives me some friction
It's chafing
Fanning the fire
She goes to work every day
And she never complains
But she gets home
I’ve been chafing from your fitting
I’m fighting the devil within
Visualizing the vision before
2020 begins, getting my life restored
I don’t wanna
like the perfect spot to shut my eyes and fall asleep

I can't thank myself for no puke on my shirt
I never thought l'd get off this beach alive
home from my local pub, I’m fucked
I’m tripping over these cobbled streets
I’ve got wobbly knees and I’m chafing in these tight jeans
It’s half three my
a wasting
My mind is chafing
You’ve been debating on if we’re relating
I want relations
Some deep conversations
All of the basics
I hope we make it
I’m in
reaper stopped by to say he's waiting,
And say he's chasing

Running away but I've been under pacing
Out of breath, and I've been chafing
Under stress
It's easier this way
Well, that's what they say

We've all got someone
Who's chafing our backside
We've all got someone
That just burns us up
We all
ain't know 
fuck the phrase, know that I'm amazing
I'm raw as fuck like a fat chick chafing 
Used to rock with that bathing ape shit
Supreme is hard
I'm chafing
I got my mind right and started praying
Now I'm eating Kobe beef like I'm Shaq on the Lakers
Whip up a bag and sell it then I roll like
pariliment house

[Yon] Oh wow, yeah I look at that every day

[Gatesy] So whats new? Anything going on?

[Yon] I've got some Chafing

[Gatesy] Ohh wow.. does
On daily 
Waging war because we're angry
At the top but cannot see that it's The bottom we've been chafing, 
N' yeah, I guess that you could say that I'm

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