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I just want you now
Friends and family
But now that I'm up now I
Gotta watch cautiously
This the life I want
So this what I lead
But I gotta check

I want you to wine slow for me
Tic toc for me
Baby you drop it like dat
I want you to move slow to me
Cautiously, baby I love it like dat
What do you want from me
I'm living cautiously
I lie so I don't get thrown away
I'm living endlessly
I don't try too much
That's why I'm alone
It's on me
Don't use my hands Gotta billion soilders army
I gotta plan for my little man cautiously
Gotta get them bands ion care what it cost me
a moment, cautiously hopeful

As darkness settles over me
Collections of stars will guide these feet
The shock of the cold takes hold of me
In this absence is
Imagine everything
(Imagine everything)
You're close and were you there to stand
(You're close and were you there to stand)
So cautiously at first and then
Go to the moon
I go to the moon
I go to the moon
Go to the moon
She said please don't fall for me
She said she far from me
I gotta move cautiously
Well then I'm pulling out my razor 

So much anger 
I need an answer 
Constantly thinking that I could be greater
Moving cautiously 
And don't fucking
One inna your little jelly marrow run watery
Pull up inna mi Kappa shirt YEAH
Pan mi belly a di fire works
Finger pan the trigger that a shake like
Gingerly staying in
Cautiously walking out
Give me life
Give me light
I’ve lost all that I was
Give me a place to go
Ginger taste
Ginger eyes
I lost my brova like god took apart
Of me
I’m in zone yea
Mamba mentality
Hop on the beat
Fake come around it hit my nose
I been so suspicious
Like a secret agent I’m in under cover business now
It’s not a person of my interest
Moving cautiously every time I notice what
cease to tell the world as if I’m never vulnerable
Still I'll keep constantly and cautiously
Simmering in my pan of broken thoughts
I hope you know
You are the box and the machine
Trying to get away with me
Well at most I view you cautiously
You are the box and the machine
Are you tryin' to mess
(The time will blow away swiftly like wind)

Taaka lekha samay kala laagi re
(So use your time cautiously)

Samay baach baach pello
(Don't be proud
Looking up some mellow beats
You got me singing the blues
I've been dropping the clues
I've been keeping my cool
I've been cautiously uncertain
Cus' it's
someone I'll keep
I enter cautiously
But I fall deep

Cause his arms have little black marks drawn all over
His eyes are just a disguise to get me closer
your eyes?
Am I grown up enough?
Spread my wings,
put my soul in them cautiously
My dearest childhood won't lie,
I know that obviously
Now I'm feeling so
Stand up, I just saw you

Like a shadow in the distance

Cautiously I slowly start to breathe

Slowly taste you in the air

You're just a ghost
It don't bother me (It don't), no apologies (no no)
I just want the racks (I do), pockets Paula Dean (They Paula Dean) 
I move cautiously (Cautiously
she know I can't be her nigga

I gotta move so Cautiously
Can't trust a soul, they been out here trynna copy me
These bitches love me, but I know it's
coastin' through life a little too cautiously

It's not a real policy, it's only a suggestion
No prodigy just been honestly asking a lot of questions
I'm not
fine fine fine
Curation in confidence
The facade you created
Carried through incompetence
Could you be at the other end
Cautiously take a peak
Around all
Both of us had to
Give our own reasons to find a way home
It wasn't the same old
Something more perfect than we'd ever known
Cautiously able

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