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you hear me?)

Fearlessness soon reminded me
You must be stronger then they
Cautioning there those who live
To be cruel for the fun of it

He let
for the day

With friends like these
Woh, oh, woh
Cautioning the way the world is turning
I want to know
Will they ever, ever see
Or be sure
and try 'em you might like 'em.

Don't you think that you should be cautioning people not to buy this. 
There's no way that you should be endorsing for
to be ashamed to say what I mean
Or some burnt out case for the cautioning
I wanna be a phone that rings
And wakes you up when you have slept too long

and you won’t hear our cautioning calls
You’re not caged inside of this
There’s demons you can still resist
A captain mustn’t waver or sway
But don’t you
forgiveness when you're under the current
Blue and asphyxiated with water-filled lungs

You will regret not heeding the cautionings
Noah's neighbors know this
a difference somehow
Late December 2016
Shades of yellow ran deep
From my heart to my sleeve
Staining my skin 'till its permanently
Cautioning my mind so
A restless young man knows no limits 
To speed or fatigue on the road 
Just millions of lines and tiny white signs 
Cautioning me take it slow 
Oh and all I
some hang
For old times sake (fuck you)
Take america back 
You're wearing your hat 
That'll one day symbolize all of it
Slow down now they're cautioning
heart is complete
But it's hard to believe when they're cautioning me like

(You ain't gon' make it nigga
Why you always faking nigga
This crown is hard
Sticks in a pile

Then when the cat started chasing a fly
In the same room as that idol of mine
Clearly ignoring the cautioning signs
He knocked it over
friends like these
Woh oh woh
Cautioning the way the world is turning
I want to know
Will they ever, ever see
Or be sure
There's another way
Your mind is
That are worth more than my time
You see it's plain but severe
I'm cautioning you to fear
Buckle up, cuz Imma make
Shed up more than a tear
I met the mic
Is that your voice
Cautioning me
15 year old me
If they let me out I'm prolly gon scream
Tryna keep my vices in check
But they'll always be sure
redefined the cautioning signs
Improvised thrills in the cold and the heat
And you'll laugh at my old Ames
You got me rewriting words again

Was it not last
you'll never surface ha...
From the water at least, take caution indeed
While talking to me, an anomaly honestly cautioning promising thoughts to the weak
stubborn on the side bench
For cautioning a step outside

Get set, go, kid

Accept this plastic medal
Creep back home to hide
Well done, you did it
But don't you think that you should be cautioning
People not to buy this
There's no way that you should be endorsing
For people to try this
She drives herself through the streets
Watching eyes so blindly
Taking pictures
She can't see or show

On her mind is
Who to meet

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