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Cheap mysticism
Clinging desperately

To anti-contraception

Catholicism's legacy
Catholicism is in prison
We been with our religion, where I'm leaving
We been a victim, see we ain't just suspect here
We leaving proof, that there ain't
Catholicism, Footballism, Judaism, Racism, Manism, Womanism
What about Humanism

Just get real
Don't be a cosmic woo woo
Be who you are let everybody deal
was, I's Catholicism numb and truly didn't give a fuck. '94 moved out the crib and ain't seen a steple since, while Knievel evil seeps in the Christian
of Catholicism. I 
feel guilt on a level? No one gets when it rains out. I'm like, yeah, that's probably something I did. But yeah, 
I feel guilt for everything,
Why are priests always raping kids in Catholicism?
If we can't have 'em be murdered let's have 'em rot in prison
I study knowledge instead of following
isn’t honest
I do not discriminate
Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hindu
They pick and choose what works to prove a power over you
But what you strive
Catholicism was restored

Did your priests not protect
From this blasphemous act?
Could you not be saved by your own sanctity?

So noble you have
Your victims of catholicism
Theirs a difference in faith
And dogmatic superstition
Say that you love God
But you don't do religion
Follow your
choose to believe 
And in whatsoever i feel will save me
Be it islam be it buddhism be it catholicism 
Be it Egyptology be it christianity or the devil
Olive Garden 
Big ass pants made of panther fur (whaaaaat)
And a real pet panther (whaaaat)
And it's definitely
Sweeping Europe killing off all tradition unifying from a cult to a religion
Greek Orthodox, Catholicism growing stronger taking control launching crusades
Never mind that, he's just seeking what he's given
Yet, feeling out of prison, while others lack attention
And this might be the reason why catholicism is
laying down the path
Your future is dependent on my future decisions
So I'm planning better living not meaning Catholicism or Judaism
Know that that's your
that down to corner shop wine and punk gig
Cardiff brings that out of me
Actually I just binge
Catholicism got nothing on the sins listed on my lips
their heathen gods their French popery
That's what she called Henri's Catholicism-Popery
And they were baptized in the creek
Circuit preacher done the job
of dead fake authors
Coexist is wicked like the state of California

Catholicism stole from Jews put the Pope inside a tomb
Screw your feelings it's all
to the ecclesiastics
After two centuries of crimes
Death to all the catholicism
Mass executions / ultimate antichrist
Crucifixations / ultimate antichrist
"The beginning - How the believers of the 
dualist theory turned there backs on 
catholicism and found their own methods
You're not a politician,
And without a thought you would build a fort, defend what you are.
You're not religious and without Catholicism
You would
with triumphs of blasphemy
Glorious upon black thrones adorn
Catholicism falls...
own... like Catholicism, like cool mud, like some wild sirocco of canvas backdrop nothiningness in a cucumber sandwich called Suffering. God, that's good.
I'm Pac's or Prince's with a pinch of Catholicism
The modern Jigga, the Nas, mixed with the album Thriller
You dancin' with the stars, the cosmos are
with the heavenly region
So do we blame Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostalism 
Or some other form of religious fanaticism 
Schism's risen between

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