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love, open it up
You're a child of destiny
You're the child of my destiny
You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child
That's a hell of a recipe
dimensions with a noose looped by the raft?
After lack of reasoning jedi 3, 2, 1,
Oooh I'm hung, I've clung to hope but see you in hell
I'll be that clear blue
strike a nerve
Ain't mean nothing by it
Dirty Harriet

And I be stepping to the left
You bust for Diablo, I still bust for UCEF
Try'na see me on the MC
Though I know I'm a child of destiny, fulfillment is up to me
Up to your neck in debt for every debt you threw up against me
Lord listen, forgive
Child as Boyz II Men
Listen, a man is a man, gon' handle his business
I ain't a bad guy, just dealin' with scandalous bitches

"X, you ever get tired