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These cool cats camouflage through the hay
And we can tell if you's a snake just by the look on your face

[Chorus] be	
It's a day to life struggle
If houses tell stories
I wonder
About these walls of yours and mine
They could repeat any number
Of things
They've heard and seen in their time
These 4 walls, these 4 Walls
They tell all, they tell all
[They ater effects]
These 4 walls, these 4 Walls
[Don't think them walls,boy can't tell
the wall
Tortured by your memory and the feelings I recall

I can't seem to get over you
No matter where I go
No matter what I do
The wall of denial
and poverty
By keeping the pressure on the innocent ones
Continually, this can't go on

Third world people
I'n'I remember where ya' comin' from
Bona fide, dis
Everyone thinks that I have it all
But it's so empty living behind these castle walls
These castle walls
If I should tumble if I should fall
of hurtful words
I listened for a ring of truth
But lies were all I've heard
Won't somebody tell me why we hurt one another?

Tear down these walls
They tell us it's better
That people should stay with their own kind
Divided by colour, afraid to be hurt by the other (yeah)
What if we try
couldn't even be tripping
You can't afford a vacation
I'm out in Haiti with Haitians
I go to Asia with Asians
You mad dusty, you a lil dusty possum
I just
There's so much space in here 
Silence, covered up by tears 
In these walls I built for you 
Hidden locks I can't undo 
In these walls I
rules these streets at night like me, the atomic punk
Whoa yeah, wow
I am the ruler of these nether worlds
The underground, whoa yes
On every wall
I'm a prisoner here by your design
And the key to the door
Oh, I can't find
Closin' in here, baby, are these four walls

Not even a dime will you
between us
I'm not sure what's the cause
So I swallowed all my pride
And tonight I climbed the wall

Tonight I climbed the wall
And took her by
do things on the court to amaze ya
I heard they make em for a buck 8 in Asia
They came a long way baby since
Clyde Frazier had pumas, pullin' mad
I'm a prisoner here 
By your design 
And the key to the door 
Oh I can't find 

Closin' in here, baby 
Are these four walls 
Not even a dime
I tell lies.
If I didn't you'd be horrified.
I'd rather die
Than have you find out what I'm trying to hide.

I can't escape
These walls I made
'Tween me and you we've fucked up in,
Padded walls, these padded walls
Even when you're near me, you can't hear me
Soundproof fixtures, quilted
friend to friend
I'm looking for love in the wine
I'm looking for love
In anybody I can find
Thank you, God
For these four walls I love
But are they
and get undressed

And I can't stand it, I can't stand it
I can't wait to see them walls falling down

So tell me Jesus, why they run
Is it by
time might make it better
But it only made it worse
And I can't climb these walls you're building
And I can't unlock the door
We can't love like this
It doesn't cut me like a knife

I don't walk these halls
And I don't climb these walls
Every night
And I don't cry
Even though I'm waiting by
Haven't you heard guys? You can't say Chri-biip-mas you gotta say Holiday
I can't say Chri-biip-mas?
No you might offend somebody.
Who is
in the wine
I'm looking for love
In anybody I can find

Thank you God
For these four walls I love
But are they secure?
Heh God! Are you above?
It's kind of hard to keep faith in the things that you do
When everybody turns they back

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, I know a city that's surrounded by
wait to see you again

I find I spend my rime
Waiting on your call
How can I tell you, babe
My back's against the wall
I need you by my side
To tell me