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Don’t get it confused
You know what it is
Say my name right
it’s Cannoli, Cannoli

Tell all your friends cause
They should know too
a name that makes
a Persian, Armenian boss
Built to last and built to floss
Looking for the win, took a chance, never lost
I get what I want, then I toss

Searching for cannoli
Qui a destra non c'è ronda
Accendi e lascia la mia impronta
Pa pa pa pa 
Prendi i cannoli
Pa pa pa pa 
Prendi i cannoli
Notte fonda nello stereo
The girl in the pastry shop with the net in her hair
Is making a cannoli for you to take on your hiking trip
In the woods with your bros that
while the dolphins play
Africa we'll be royals see you on your throne
And cannoli in Rome makes it feel like home
I wanna see the world in a day
like a mob wife
Like a caporegime not gun shy
Type to bring hands to a gunfight ohh
She making me cannoli's and tiramisu
Eat that
To the bedroom I carry
My brother a shooter
I can't say his name he might leave you holy
He praying I make it, he don't like God but he tryna be holy
I stay ten toes
On Wednesdays my dad is wearin farfalle
C'è la luna, mezzo mari
Cannoli, campari, calamari

If my family take Fieri on a Diner and Drive
The man will waddle
of petty
Drop a body for a pretty penny
I'll smoke em like a stogie
I'll smoke em like somebody pass the cannoli's
The Spanish Jesus 
Still rocking T.V.T's
at Serritella's rolling up cannoli's
Yesterday I was running from the police
Dark tint scraper they thought it was stolen
I thought I was cool but them niggas was
From eating macabre chicken
Every witch will twitch
When eating her damned sandwich
And then she'll bitch

Nothing's holy
Served with evil cannoli

Babe, I'm goin down to the bakery and I'm going to find me a jelly roll
And some cannoli, some French pastry
A chocolate éclair don't sound too
I just did it, spent it spend it
Talkin' on my pivot
Yeah nigga I'm piff
Yeah I'm still on my pivot
I feel like I'm Scottie Pippen
I feel like
I came with that bread, I came with the cannoli
Want my chips with the new guacamole
here saucing
Hoping that I don't get lost in
The same Ravioli with a side of a Cannoli
Cus you're taste it is so awesome

Do I need to remind you
How you
a video on the balcony
Remember that week in Italy
Drinking wine pouring off our bodies
Drunk in love, tearing it up
Licking my cream like it was cannoli
here saucing
Hoping that I don't get lost in
The same Ravioli with a side of a Cannoli
Cus you're taste it is so awesome

Do I need to remind you
How you
same time this bitch blow me
You don't know me just owe me, crack a cannoli 
What up Tony? The smoke rolls slowly
I was born in the land of crystal
you would know that I control the weather
I'm on top of ravioli homie my cannoli better
Keep it undercover like the thunder booming
I don't wanna carry
Every winter, lots of free chocolate
I drink it from a cannoli faucet
Queen plum fairy, she so strong and kind
Head of the kingdom, the greatest
like Lebron 
But mind like Kobe 
Clutch like Kyrie
But sauce like Ginobli
Sauce for cannolis
And the ravioli
I rep Rembrandt 
Because all them people
always belong to your mom now you the other part
From the start her and I always saw eye to eye
Sitting there on our first date having cannolis sipping
was shooting threes, they called me “Can’t Miss”
Fucking dark and light skinned hoes like Aunt Viv
You niggas sweet in the middle like Cannoli
Catch you
on em so hard I can't stop it
Italian bitch eating on my Cannoli
The Porsche marinara and the seats rigatoni
My bitch a steak, yours more like boloney

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