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the country
In the hood, and you know I'm all good
'Cause I been raised by them wolves
But I don't play by the rules
As you can see I made my own moves
or tours
Yes, bitch, I'm me
Pretty N-I-C
You get it? Icy
But my name is spelled N-I-C

I feel like we going under
Take me down
I can't help but
Seven more years if only if she can hold on 
Seven more years and I'll be home again 
David you got to tell her that I miss her 
Tell her I'll miss
David Hinds

Pretty lady standing there
I'm telling you that you're looking fair
Cause I've got my eyes on you
I can tell by the way you stare
from Handsworth
Wha you a sey Boss?


Easy. Stop the fuss and stop the fight
I'm positive that we can do it

Equal rights
David: I...
Melvin: Can turn a grey sky blue, uh...
Melvin: I can make it rain,
Whenever I want it to, huh!
Paul: I can build a castle
it now 
I'm the illest 
want to kill this house nigga Don Cornelius 
Can you feel this? 
You punk niggas make me sick 
Suckin' on the devil's dick
(Timbaland, David Guetta, Mister World Wide, Here we go!)

Everybody goes dance floor and give it up
Baby put it down and give it up
Nigga, set
no lie
Jessie, you bring the sunshine
And you can see it in her eyes

Johnny tends the garden
And little David sows the seeds
Our manna is from heaven
Written by: david henman

Better take it slow
Feel the shadows flow
You've been watchin' her for oh so long
And it shows

Better take it slow
of the sunrise into the night
The stars as your timepiece, make it all right
Make friends with the darkness, talk to the moon
And when the light lifts, you can let
By David Jones and Steve Pitts
"The circus is coming to town." it said on the poster.
"Get your tickets now, before it's too late."
A dancing bear
this guy, this David
Face like a pill head at the end of a rave
Staring at my mum like he wants to be saved
Harry feels weak today, he can’t take it
Been a couple hundred hours since he got your call
You use to treat me like David, but now I feel like Saul
Been making it rain all around the world
't predict the future
Can't forget the past
Feels like any moment
Could be the last
All you believers
Standing inside this room
Can't you see it coming
the tiredness that remains
When you think freedom can't be measured
By the scuffles on your boots hey hey hey

Now he dreams with Anna a life in the time they
I'm a beautiful guy
And you have just walked by
And I have gave you the eye
But you pretend to be shy
But I'm a beautiful guy
(you know what I mean? you
were all I had for sure 
Even when I had much more 
Even with my pockets weighted 
It was just you and me, David 

'Cause my darling 
by Soulja Boy
    It's Nothin Lyrics
    by Wiz Khalifa
    Love You Down Lyrics
    by Honey Cocaine
    Love Explosion Lyrics
    by Marvin
a match to a Lucky Strike 
And the smoke curled up 'round his head how he liked
It made him feel a little mysterious 
Till Trudy said "David, honey, what
(Timbaland, David Guetta, Mister World Wide, Here we go!)

Everybody goes dance floor and give it up
Baby put it down and give it up
Nigga, set
the man that trod
In the ways of God
Never turn by back on
Never turn by back on JAH

Spirit, Spirit, can you feel his spirit

His mercy endureth forever
Squad, A Tribe Called
Quest David Guetta! ... Nur ein Test
David Bowie, David Byrne
Kennste nicht so? Musste hören

Guck mal, ganz was Unbekanntes

South side till I die


Weak bitch

This hot shit by David Banner 

Your ain't gotta go no where nigga

I'm up in this city, you can
is the best I can, if I can
Got a dog named David, 
Got a bird named Dinah,
Got a birthmark on my thigh 
In the shape of mainland China