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I must admit I was charmed by your advances,
Your advantage left me helplessly into you.

Talking how the group had begun to splinter,
And I can
Placed in the most vulnerable place we can bear
Creating illusions which adhere from this moment to the last
What a perfect lie, maintained by
of a:

What we got here and what we didn't know here now
A burning question that can filter through our eyes
We're high school sweethearts tied by light
and sip the sin
That's my dirty water worser than Flint, Michigan
They don't wanna see my progress
But you can't stop or tell it that's God blessed
you forever
But you never saw
This love was so strong it shoulda
Been against the law

Yeah you gotta stop, stop can't you hear me call
She's on the highest dose of Prozac a woman can take,
She's likes to pop her pain pills with every little ache,
She's got a Tennessee mountain point

Build brackets around You so You can come out clean
We tried to give You limits that You didn't need

You can order all this heartbreak
You don't
strangling on a six can strap
Gansterville shut off all the power burn out all the gasoline
Stop writing things on screens.
children can be free from the pain
The human race
It must be somewhere out in space
The sands will filter through the timeless hourglass
As I pass beyond
screaming alone
Now way we can stop this unless we choose to grow
What will they find, digging around in that oh so empty mind?
no way you can stop us

I don't know what you be saying girl, girl
When you be tryna talk to me
I filter out the negative, that's my new philosophy
pollute the air we breathe
And the water that we drink
Modern tempers rage and seethe
Why don't we stop and think
At the current rate we're sealing our
Mistaken identity
I am not the man
Look at my face
Please take this boy for who I am

Can we lay down this fear and love each other
Can we lay down
Look at me down to every pixel
Do you really get the whole picture?
Watching 3D, color by color
There's more than all this pretty
If you look under
head on the ground 
Oh, I'm walking around upside down. 
When I stop I can't see you stare 
I can't hear a sound 
Oh I'm walking around upside down.
Yo Coffee Shop stop this daze my last strange
Slapped on my shades as I step into the rain
Try to regain up your ??? and refrain
Johnny Richter's
for a fee, dirty water
Bodies floatin' in the sea, dirty water
Blood flowin' from the ground, dirty water
Ain't no filters in this town, dirty water
here to teach the principle
Cause I've been saved by mo' bells than Lark Vorhees

Man fuck that nigga 'Cris man, for real man.
I'm tired of this shit

I can remember a time in this country
When men were proud to get cancer, God dammit!
When it was a sign of manhood! John Wayne had cancer twice
By the time I reach tomorrow
I won't be me any way
And I'm not collecting sorrow
Don't disengage
You can't finger what you filter
When it travels
couldn't face the burden of another week of worry 
I was broken 
I took a green and yellow pill. 
Washed down with filter coffee 

'til it kicked in
this cherry
To enter the workforce, to become this workhorse
Were you really ready to be surrounded by this cause and this effect
and shit,
While I sit writers block sick of all this shit, can't call it, shit,
All I know is I'm about to hit the wall if I have to see another one of mom's
bubblin' until it filter's up,
I'm about to kill it, I can feel it buildin' up,

Blow this building up, I've concealed enough,
My cup runneth over, I
How, Jay!?
This is my Kanye rant
Tell everybody this is my kanye rant
This is my Kanye rant
Can I talk for a minute, yeah
Can I talk for

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