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Trace the callsign

Drifting on the wireless
Peeking on the narrowband
Looking up a callsign
Intel is classified
Call to empty spaces (return
politicians all lied
I just might be all-time
Heartbreak is my call-sign
Bitch look at my wrist, that shit be looking like the Alpines
My bitch and I fuck all
Cheap wine, fake lips and callsigns
When Turk almost killed his pops with those dark eyes
Dude had PCP back when PC culture was small-time
I was
that I would not pick up the phone (Ooo yeah)
Cant pick up the phone nah
Im a ranger call my callsign
Every time she wanna call me ill be alright on my
올해는 간절히 바라보네 수많은 베네핏
Mlb 쓰는 시대는 지나간 세대이니
이 가사 쓰일 때 쯤엔 빚이 오천만원 초과
혼란스런 업보 배로 채워 영광
119 callsign 무대 위에서만 unlock
그때 아마 guap
Countin countin countin
own thoughts
You're afraid of alone time
Or is it a long time instead
A callsign instead
Because a branding's old fashion
And freedom's elastic
With my callsign Blaze flying through the sunny days
Edging out my trusty Chopper and I'm ready to engage
Squadron up upon the dawn the migos' firing

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