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Loving Caliber  


I make a lot of new different money
Trap overnight like it's fifty summie
Finesse up the plug while gettin' blunted
Caliber, caliber, caliber
Not gonna get a piece of that

No, ain't going out like that

Motherfuckin true caliber pimps
bout a ninety nine caliber 
Uuh Captain got a big gun bout a ninety nine caliber 
Well the captain got a big gun bout a ninety nine caliber 
He gonna
a big gun, 'bout a ninety-nine caliber
Captain got a big gun, 'bout a ninety-nine caliber
Well the captain got a big gun, about a ninety-nine caliber
alabaster cold

More caliber per capita

Breakfast table search team implodes
The milk cartons that pour will never
Know of this alabaster
Of what you'll do when your done
You keep your caliber loaded
No-one's gonna fuck this up

you drive the exact speed limit
Keep of a track or your miles
walked me to the car
His shoes
Finest leather
He said
You could wear this style
Follow my advice

He owned a gun
The caliber escaped me
But I
matter and temporal lobe
Point two two caliber metal
Jacket blank round explodes

Capitive bolt pistol detonation
Skull bone cavity penetrating
Haven't you ever heard (Trackmasters) a killa


44 Caliber killa

Face, Young McNeil

44 Caliber killa

Your caliber, straight up pussy who pop Glocks
While I kick facts react on funky tracks
Give me room like the Hyatt while I run this jungle habitat
I'm about to...
wasn't that fun, lets try something else
Forty five caliber killa but outta the filla 
Dela villa gonna show y'all brothers how you
You know I love the style on ya
Blue forty caliber
Butterfly doors on the triple black challenger
And I'm still in and out
Got it so I'm spending
master " sam "
In this hole lives wicked king
Breed for my master " sam "
I'm a son of a gun
44 caliber killer
master " sam "
In this hole lives wicked king
Breed for my master " sam "
I'm a son of a gun
44 caliber killer
got a Willie too small?
Just choose the right caliber
And go bezerk in your local mall

Come to Trigger Paradise
One more human sacrifice
to the scope of my rhyme
Now some have been successful but really
And yo, these MC's are clearly not nearly
Up to this level or should I say caliber
Because I'm
You got to appreciate
You got to be great
It's a wicked caliber
It's a little story
Some sonic glory
Wicked satellite
Just right
the rumble around you, it's a blood curdling sound
Blood stained heads and bodies all are breaking on the ground
A .45 caliber flashing life's ending with
my metaphors are the highest caliber

I spit hard, you hallmark card poets
So many lines, you can bar code it
She like to lick it on the head then
caliber, your caliber is deuce deuce
Shoot, y'all niggas can't hang like a loose noose
I get on stage, niggas in my ear like a Bluetooth
And that's
caliber bullets of love

Oh shotgun baby - You never let me down
Shotgun baby - Whenever you're around
Shotgun baby - You shot me to the ground

Oh shotgun
To amplify

Feedback speaks of caliber
The wires wrapping 'round
We fall beneath these walls
Of unimpeded sound
And here at last, the final notes
A two two caliber bore
She's a Saturday night special (Saturday night)
You caught me dreamin' before
She's a Saturday night special (Saturday night)

Do I have time? A man of my caliber stood in the street
Like a sleepwalking teenager I know
And I dealt with this years ago
I took a hammer

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