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Mix Tape

This song could be between any two others
You only hear it when you play it on your mix tape
Made for you by your best friend before
Your dangers forcing the front yard
Many hours tick past the deadline
Get another stamp in your passport
Wash your breakfast down with some red wine
Sweet child of lacerations, hail praise to all thine
Sister of Lucifer coiled by your side
Unearthly delights long forgotten by design

C'mon and kiss
Next time you kids run
Through my yard
Go around

My confounded partner says
Meow meow meow beep beep
All they cloaks hang side by each
In they
to face it all
Side by side or a phone call
Living in tension with you
Still feels better
Better than I’ve ever known

We’ve got a vicious love
We mix our
the ratchet for dough
Marques de sade a painful sadomasochist flow
We tapping your ho, and keep the biscuit where I piss at
Pussy bwat bitches asking where
yard fence in the back
Freak round the side with a feline hat

That's rippin'

Rip This

Rolling with a new song kicking my beats
With my girl by
chirp speak
Kids that's rich that'll, run in your bitch and by the third week
Yo mark my word, me and my herb speak
That's that fire move like Schwinns
in the front yards
They hide and seek and laugh
I can almost hear you thinking
How could these days go by so fast

And no rear view could picture
Of trying to mix lovin' what we do
That's the side effects of me and you, oh yea

Your lips should come with a warnin',
By now you'd think that I would
a monument to Henry Ford
Brought to you by Eastern Mountain
Appalachian Roadside Modern Art, yeah, modern art

So bring your car to West Virginia
Buy your own
Could I get your name again?
Some situation that we're in
Woke up by each other's side
It got a little crazy last night

Last thing I remember
in the front yards
They hide and seek and laugh
I can almost hear you thinking
How could these days go by so fast

And no rear view could picture
(Kool Keith)
Well I'm first to rock, Moe Luv's the disc jock
By my side and wit the mix
?Clyde? scratches, mathces, all cuts combine
The faster
Today I watched a robin
In our front yard
I thought by now that they should all be gone.
With winter 'round the corner
Snow on its way
I fall asleep
Fall asleep to wake in Heaven
Oh dear brother, do not weep

Last night I saw him walking
With a lady by his side
And I thought I
Rhyme for rhyme, Five on the low down

Like I said before, got the funk for your trunk
From the junk yard to the boulevard here we come
you'll get clipped by rippers 
Hiding behind candy 'cades
In the alleyway you'll get ripped by strippers 
All who know your name
In the stalls sit
Kill us with your fist now baby mix it with me
You see me function better when I get approximately
High by my technical flyby
I function better with
mini, money, mini, mini
It ain't all about the money

When I was hustler, two dogs by my side plus a black pistola
Loud MCs, feel the silencer
Y'all still
Always keep her by my side

Little Texas
Unimpressed a great degree
With a serious pedigree
If I get into a fix
Jump little Texas in the mix
was never easy
So I went ahead around my world
I saw the things you do arriving by your side
To see you looking too
But I know this. I know, I never
shit I started servin'
Around Frazier Home, down in the West Side projects
Changin' over food stamps, and hittin' a lick was next see

I'm just
around me
Make some coffee and stare out into the black night
I lie awake, I lie awake sir
With my machete by my side

My Jesus your gracious love
When she's with me it's Heaven Sent
And she screaming

You mite wanna ride out
Cause yea boy I'm heavy on the block
Drive-by, tear da sides out