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Jabbed by esse's, cops, degenerate niggas with rags
Disintegrate niggas went into me, dome shots like Kennedy
Slugs trippin' with Henessey, got murderous
Martin, Malcolm, Huey P. Newton
And that's why the whole city out here looting
How can we stand here and not do shit?
All this smoke over the hood
to see what he's seen
But then I'd take 'em right back to see Martin Luther's dream
I'd dream that I could tell Martin Luther we made it
But half of my
much we probably numb to it by now
After all, it’s the American way right?

Home of the brave and free (It’s America)
Free just to murder me (land
bludgeoned by a brick
Yo to hell with secret-service men my burners stay disturbing them
They turned into my servants when my urchins said to murder them
watch you burning 
like my bad dreams 
give you to da beast in the pit of hades 
thunder rolls 
stormy black clouds 
I stole the 7th seal 
then the angel
its burning my chest like hot lava
Verbally im a rotweiler you gon learn to respect me
Cuz you aint even a doberman you a german shepard
And thats
sent your fairy ass to military class
Now your moms gettin sceamed on by your dad
Like we shoulda had a daughter instead of a fag
This the last time