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Tipsy fuddled boozy groggy elevated
Prime did edit her
Hellborn elfchild roadhog mountain fortune hunter
Man beheaded her
Fat bulk expanse mass
the way from belfast to bogner regis
And the lord put aside his huge cigar
And proceeded to deliver unto the charming maroonish sofa
The bulk of his message
begin coz 
My destination's endless im not here to hit or miss
My layers are my failure inside there's bulk of treasures

Of my past
Thats the only thing
and basket

aye yow

Look at likkle shorty walk it

look at it, aye



Woman a trail wi

waan wholesale mi

want wi inna bulk and who
hidin' from the law

Jimmy watched, as the bulk of the fleet
Sold their boats or moved away
But after the stroke, he promised to his father
He'd do
to the fray
And trouble tears apart another golden heart
So I want to be the reminder that she's stronger than the bulk on other days

Golden Gal gave me my
tinsel or holiday dresses 
More than trite greetings or worn out regards 
Sent out in bulk in mass produced cards 
Holiday spirit requires deep reflection
But I'll rent you a riot hat
figure it out

My bulk's across the mall
A wounded ham was an animal
And I've got a bout of gall
Figure it out

maniac, I'm a hybridBitch I'm a pirate, they call me BlackbeardI sail the seven seas, ho, I'm off the gridIt's the ultimate, baby I'm the bulk of itThe
the storm
And wake up in the calm

Release me from the body
From this bulk that moves beside me
Let me leave this body far away
I'm sick of looking
How can a non-musician discuss the future of music
From anything other than a consumer point of view?
These people make decisions for the bulk of us
I spit hot raps, then I check my traps
Pockets stop the bulk, green up like the Hulk
Ram up in something like that nigga Marshall Faulk
I'm a low
at a crossroads, lost, still shopping at Costco
Sloppy Joe's, bulk waffles
Got caught picking my nose, ah
Look over see these two hot hoes
Finger still up in one
with a style that's unorthodox
You must of had a teaspoon full of bull
I'm like The Hulk, with more bulk, I'm powerful
They try to get with this,
to run a vibrating machine attached to this queen-size, bulk-purchase, kapok-infested, do-not-remove-tag-under-penalty-of-law type bed and... and make you
with no miles
I pray my souls is in tact, passion in the bulk of my rhyme
And when I hit that heat game I'm this close to LeBron
I'm gone

I spend
Count a bulk by the cabbage, I'm Macho Man Randy Savage
It's Gucci!

That's my nigga, that's my bro, yeah that's my dog
If niggas wanna get it
usually get it in bulk
But I still will stomp your head to a pulp (yeah)
You want smoke, I got the Tical like Method Man
So get ready to die from second
are never numbered
The nights don't matter now
Your time is no longer counted
This train has got you now
With some bulk, can't get off
The pistons
How can a non-musician discuss the future 
Of music from anything other than a consumer point of view?
These few people make decisions for the bulk
CDs (Jewels) plus money markets. 

Chill before I bulk like the Hulk, Bruce Banner. Yo Redman Solo 
Spray the cameras. 
All men, women
Let's make it happen
Mm hmm I mean it can't get mo' mobber
Y'know, we like to buy our shit in bulk
Y'know in volumes!
Y'know like CostCo? We fuck
the ultimate
I'm the corporate, give me the bulk of this
'Riq set it on the magnetic ultra tip
Get down how you 'posed to get
I got nothing to lose, I'm a killer
who better to lead us
Since I been with that team I been spinning them g's
Bitch, yeah, you better believe it, cash come in a bulk amount now

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