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Brite Futures  


I somehow twist myself around
I realize I'm eyes to eyes
With the fella in the brite nitegown

Brite Nitegown
Brite Nitegown
You can't fight
Things that they say,
Honor Brite
If I promise you the Moon and the Stars,
Would you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night

Where do we
or you leave it
Things that they say,
Honor Brite
If I promise you the Moon and the Stars,
Would you believe it
Games people play in the middle
leave it
Things that they say, honor brite
If i promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night
Gonna leave th' city, gonna catch th' hudson line
'Cause why'know I love th' city, but I haven't got th' time

Satellites 'are chasin' th'
Pocahontas there, feather in your hair
Dancin' to make our kind of weather.

When you get there be brite'n'sunny, babe.
Ah, could you show the sun inside
yu know mi bredda
Now dat di sun a shine brite
Please come out a di doldrums a di daak night

Histri biggah dan mi are yu know
Time cyaan steal
Bubble gum, brainiac, baby girl, 
Ultra brat, angst schmangst no thanks. 
Hope my record doesn't tank, sailor moon, rainbow brite, 
Anime, avril
Bubble gum, Brainiac 
Baby girl - ultra brat 
Angst Shmangst 
No thanks

Hope my record doesn't tank 
Sailor moon, Rainbow brite 
Anime, Avril
Michael the Tyson, you Trevor the Berbick

Smack a nigga on sight, B
Adidas track suit with Nikes
Mean mugging who? Your jeans colorful
Rainbow Brite, good
know you drive me crazy dat g da pimp, girl you know you drive me crazy you should be here wit me bitch, 50 Cent: Bitch! Brite and early in the mornin
a scotch brite a wa do dem
Gyal a you a my choice
Two balls deh yah so yo juggle dem twice
Plus when yo si mi cocky yo si chicken an rice
MI face white
can make a feller uptight.
I must have been to fifteen stores or more.
All I wanted was a Lite Brite
But they sold out last night of course.
Time I
chest lite brite, love to smile
What a mess horny fucked me on my desk
Kitchen tile then she swallowed up the rest

Ask me how a fat ass cum shot on her
wiped the slate clean!
Freshly white, brite, glimmerin' like neon
Buffed over what stood before like legal walls to peace on
So like Phanatik says, don't
lovin' Screw is wrong, I don't wanna be right
Sippin' art and smokin' Lite Brite
The preacher talkin' 'bout us in the pulpit
Behind closed doors he be
the pegs in Lite-Brite 
3000 bolts of lightening when fly the right kite 
Me and Meth be hennesey, two ice cubes 
We can draw (Choose your weapons) or do I
dem colours like a stop-light
(Dem cooler dan a frost-bite
Dem heart so dutty it wah fi scower with a scotch brite
Dem need a whole reservoir a jelly
to wrap your body tight 
Lick you from head to toe and watch you glow like a Lite Brite 
I met you at the park around three 
When I got there you was
on now

I got a twin cam exhaust connected to the jaw
A five speed clutch on my paw when I write
I glow like the pegs in Lite-Brite
3000 volts
his own name in gold on the side
If you're in the dark we'll bring in a little Lite Brite
Pop in the pegs
Make cute pictures
Pick up some merch,
the baddest, my lyrical flow's the maddest
Your style is the Pips without the Gladys (Hoo!)
Light-Brite, these MC's be writin wack rhymes
Claimin that they

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