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On the counter 
By your keys 
Was a book of numbers 
And your remedies 
One of these 
Surely will screen out the sorrow 
But where are you tomorrow

On the counter 
By your keys 
Was a book of numbers 
And your remedies 
One of these 
Surely will screen out the sorrow 
But where are you tomorrow

by your keys 
Was a book of numbers and your remedies 
One of these surely will screen out the sorrow 
But where are you tomorrow

I can't cry your eyes 
hear the cries of...rising 
...turn the forbidden inner keys 
dynamic overload 
the seventh wrath 
of my merciless release
freedom, thoughts of a black president
And rap about a black crack, the mayor in our residence
Give me a break brothers, it's time to take a stand
came the answer, commercial was the key
To get airplay and a spot on TV

Like Ed Lover and Doctor Dre from Yo, MTV Raps
A show, mainly for the black
Of truth, Asiatic discipline's frightenin
some who act dumb embraced by decadence
The weak in the wake of true black militants
Hear the call and all heed
About the break of day
Here we lay, arm in arm
And cradled by the dawn
How did you sleep?
What did you dream of?
Can you still remember
a paleness I adore
With a heart bound by pain
Though it doesn't beat it breaks

I am cursed

I sew my eyes shut just to sleep.
We're caught in all
Power by the name would you break the flame

pin me down as I am now
Bring me down 'cause you won't ever
Break me and my sinful crown
Take control
Smoke weed with g's
Sell cream to fiends
And roll with beams
Playa haters can't take me, hungry bitches can't break me
God you made me, but ain't no man
The Keys, the Alps, the Black Hills and Budapest
With my heart in a sling, tail between my legs a-swinging
I'm sorry for leaving

But when the palm trees
I lost my key Where is the door?
Am I living here anymore?
My souvenirs thrown on the floor
It's never been this bad before
I went outside to get
Of seven mighty gates,
That come true within me.
Here's the key by which I can summon the forgotten world,
Unnatural desire

Criminal thoughts in the blue Porsche, my destiny's to be the new boss
That nigga Paulie gotta die, he too soft
That nigga's dead on, a key
The archbishop run from the Knox
A Chris biscuit plus play the heart, wrists glisten
Goon captain, catch me in Africa black down with 4 5
I make the trap boom boom, without even trouchin' it
As for my black hatinzolas, I'm just supplyin' it
I went to Key West and picked it up back in
and then I break 'em off?
Then I'm takin' off, y'all know me, Low key, stogie
Brim tilt, shirt silk, screw milk, got Water
Well, you oughta, you heard me?
Agony is the key to a happy life
You can't know joy if you don't know strife
There's no good or bad by itself
You can't have poverty if there is
Keep one eye on the road
The other one fixed on the one you hold

The windshield is bombarded by rain
I can only see black and yellow in my brain

Complexities break entities when hardcore be the factor
Physically shatter by the cause of the megacosm distractor
Fractured by my supernatural
Do what you have to
I do what I had to
To break through a pick a style that sticks like glue
And as I rank I want to thank no one

'Cause I
The Demons ring the Sabbath bells
Rejoice the witches chant
Preper the sacrifice - by fire
The blood runs black through heavens shell
Declare the witches
boy, come on right around"
So I knock at the door
You was standin' with a bottle of red wine, ready to pour
Dressed in long black satin and lace
understand what it means to be black?
I have my man the Notorious B.I.G in the back
I go by the name of the Puff Daddy
But check this shit out 
Four, five

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