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Like a bobblehead doll told that it had to keep still
Shake your bobblehead, shake your bobblehead girl, 
Shake your bobblehead shake your bobblehead
I didn't come to rock I came to make you move take it to the floor and act a fool shake it shake
It shake it like a bobblehead shake it

My mom loved Valium and lots of drugs
That's why I am like I am 'cause I'm like her
Because my mom loved Valium and lots of drugs
That's why
on you, you stupid hun

Hold up, you're making no sense
You're talking out your ass
Like a waffle head, you bobblehead
Just keep your trap shut like
they knew I get the same time Gotti did
240 when it's floored, trey pound on my lap
Beyonce bobblehead on the dashboard
Can't be ignored, I'm the coke
maíz, mas maíz
Papi dame maíz
Mas maíz, mas maíz
Mas maíz, papi dame maíz
Mas maíz.

Ching Bling the tamale man
Grill with the hun'ed grand
Bobblehead in
some light on me
Nodding off, bobblehead
The whole squad looking out for me
Last time on the meds
First time on the balcony

Don't judge me I got
You like Amar'e Stoudemire with dreads
Bobbleheads, chatterboxes flappin' but I got a lot 'em fed
Common head cold-level, minor setbacks, minor
Nodding my head like a bobblehead doll
Trying to smile, ignoring it all
Don't interrupt, you'll just cause a fuss
Hope I can catch the 10 o'clock bus
a Svengali deck
Pick a card, tricky
Turn a vic into a bobblehead
Absconders and their clingers-on
Klingons into Romulans
Saw myself in pieces for
My nigga off the Percs for real, he got a med problem
Turn a bad bitch to a bobblehead, her head bobbin'
Mobbin' with the K there before I was
of like half of these folks
And they'll be sprinting for the exit the minute you're broke
A bunch of bobblehead muppets to laugh at your jokes
Wipe your
your never ending scroll
And you found I'm something you might like
Felt like I was an underdog fan favorite
And it's my bobblehead night
Number 25,
fly to the moon tonight
Hey hey

The bobblehead on my dash
He's only doing half his dance
In these city streets
Where we can barely breathe
We need
ride with the mob
Why shouldn't I charge, me, myself, and I, ménage à trois
Play the odds, a yes-man is just a bobble-head doll
Holla them all,

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