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Blemishes On My Ski…  


Woah Woah Woah
J'ray baby deyah
When I wake up in the morning, your face is all I wanna see, oh yeah
Face so perfect, so fine no blemishes, that's
mouth, I wish was here to kiss with tenderness
It'd lock my place as your true friend

Blemishes and freckles, one hell of a complexion
Webster may
the future me
Murder me, at least the me I’m forced to be
I’d rather be free than a slave to the mask of me
Stripped down, unvarnished, natural blemishes
instead I’m writing these sentences
I got war wounds I drink codeine for the blemishes
You ain’t living that shit you lying it’s all up in your face
away my blemishes and make my heart clean

Jah love never leave nor forsaken me
Jah love everlasting into eternity
Jah love for peace, Jah love for
The things that make them everything they’re made of
But I've learned to live with the beauty in the blemishes
And I
I am alone again
And I
I need
blemishes, but the real you hit different
Make up blemishes, but the real you hit different
Life is cinema (Uh-huh)
Feels so inundated (Uh-huh)
Bought me
the flaws
All of the blemishes
All of the instances
When I turned scars into open sores	
All of the pimples 
And divots and dimples
I pivot to keep me from
the dreams
Resilient to fragility and wear
Resurrected, imperfected
Embrace beauty in your strength
Cherish blemishes testament to a history accepted
like to love me is to hold sand 
You kiss the blemishes on my canvas 
It's all just the same to you 
My God's just a game to me too

Can't say I'm
Of how love falls into place and how we will never fail

He would look at me with love with no make up on my face
Never find my blemishes to be
War sisters congregate to direct the outcome 

A ram's right shoulder blade to reveal fate
It should be boiled clean - no remaining flesh!
blemishes can't be covered up
Weakness is the strength that marries us

Lord knows we're fallible
Destined to make mistakes and fail sometime
We're fallible
Hot ass, that juicy juicy got a birthmark across it
My blemishes are perfection - I'm bubbling over five-hundred degrees
Come get this affection, come
Farward in life
Acknowledge it
Garment of praise fi spirit
Of heaviness
Beauty for ashes
No blemishes
Give Thanks and Praises
God is amazing
Ingenacala nasici (He had no sin, nor any blemishes)
Yabethelwa ngenxa yami (But He hung on the cross)
Ukuze ngisindiswe (So that we may be saved)
Nay' imvana
down at that altar make sure repent
We gotta work out all those spots wrinkles and blemishes
We take these vows and reach this level of commitment
Is you
We keep our faces hidden from the sun
But there's nowhere left to run

You can feel the tension rising just like the vibrations of a bell
a diamond chain chemist
Money calling sprinting like I'm Emmit
Facemask rob him
Keep a niggas skin free from blemishes
Tryna get a grill for my pearls
get by (get by!) (2x)
Without you, without you
I can't get by with anyone else but you (2x)
I can't, get by, without you....without you
Your blemishes
I'm trying to get it like Sean get it
If lord giveth a mill and a milf like skibbit
Its slight blemishes and life system
But I'm giving it foundation
this bitch
Get that pussy wet, fuck her than I jet, Kenny Smith
T-pain voice: all I do is win and shit
Young Money in ya mothafukin' face, blemishes

a friend of his?
Mouth him back to John and show this nigga, just who the winner is
The presence of a small town, I diminish and blemishes
I'm'a play yo'
a friend of his?
Mouth him back to John and show this nigga, just who the winner is
The presence of a small town, I diminish and blemishes
I'm'a play yo'

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