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mutual mutilation
It’s not
It’s not insightful, it’s not despiteful
It’s not crateful, justice blames you
It’s not blameful, it’s just painful
exposure to extinct
Those thunders roar costantly in me 
Round throw my hateful eyes 
We are the murderers who can hide 

Blameful, hateful, shattered,
It's dreadful
It's blameful
It's possible

Don't make me do this
Don't do it please

We need to talk
About our love
I'm not a dove
I can't change
feeling that I don't know me
I know it's shameful
I know you want me always in debted guilty I'm blameful
Like you don't know them Angels that's truthfully
for, pray for
The devil was an Angel, ungraceful, unthankful
Shameful, blameful, and painful
And you relate to it, but I wait on, plus I pray for you
you sophistication, Mr. Fourscore

I like to think I can do whatever I want
Societal communism is not a thing to flaunt
The world's blameful people give
the foundation of the world
That we should be unholy and blameful before him. In disgust
As he falls, he shall be utterly cast down: for the world upholdeth him
You are great and you're persistent 
Fuck the world because you're gifted 
Hate the ones who are blameful 
Fuck the people who are shameful
And in 2020, it's like death is something casual
Man it's terrible it's really fuckin horrible
Somehow I feel blameful
For what happened to Peep
asked you back
Your blameful heart placed a noose
Judgement passed on surface value should have brought you down
Leaving texts about your day always
Rip Me, Suffocate my youth
Steal away my innocence
Dilute, Degrade my truth
Mutilate my organs, tear them into shreds

Kiss me with your blameful
love, no hope, the will to die
I'm squeezing out my older life

Blameful thoughts, the first attempt
You triggered me in the end
It's terrifying
And every little decision has me feeling
A little dreadful
A little doubtful
Little dareful
Little blameful in this world
the blameful miscarriage

The bleeding, the bleeding, the bleeding

Have you ever realised what you've been doing to your sisters?

The shut-ups, the sit-downs,
We're running and getting out of control
They're turning our lives into meaningless souls
Shameful leads into the blameful
Necessary pain creeping
of you is so painful
Your presence and your words are disdainful
Your existence in my mind is baneful
And in your mind, you're the least bit blameful

What lies beyond your door?
What are you blameful for?
What keeps you on your own?
The answers are forlorn
When roses fear their thorns
Humanity feast again upon the bittersweet agony 
Blameful souls made to serve the perseverance 
Carving out the innocence bit by bit 

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