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Big Thief
Big Thief
Big Thief
Yea , Yea 

Me dawg dem a big thief (wop)
Big crook 
Big food drag dung dem a cook 
Yo 1chop 
Dat is it
Neva lie don’t sorry don’t 
Neva lie don’t sorry don’t (neva tell a lie)
D bimma in a matte black
Big thief wid e banga
Big thief pon e line liar dan a politician
Mi smuggle drugs buy guns an ammunition
Flip cash pon e gram nah wuk fi nuh man
Sen e runna go collect
Dawg ah banger phone 
Still a pro with it
Big thief pon deh line dawg 
We nuh too legit 

(Verse 1 )

Science Cyah done 
Deh way we live ina deh chop 
Big Meech Big Thief Hot Leads Pon Di Lappy Fi We Chop Cheese Flip Bricks An Den drop a Athlete She suck Mi cocky Front Seat ina Di vaxi If A Gyal Nuh
guh si di christ
Neva know mi did a live fi fight
Indulge wid a bagga crime
Deh behind firewall and a scam e guys
Big thief suh dem value
dem want)
Bank robber pon the crimson feet (big thief)
Psycho bunny a fi me team 
Who know the code fi the streets (espn)
Who know the code fi the beach
mhmm yea mhmmm yea, a big thief yessir (YODEY) Yow sosi, mhmm yea, mhhhmmm yea White ice ca me chain couldn’t gold Mek e x and e athlete race pon e
Big crook big thief a mi slogan 
Pull up in a di club dash money pon di whore fan 
Ig post pon get four more gyal 
Shotta make yuh pum pum soak one
oh oh oh oh

You're a liar, super creep
Cadillac, big thief
And hot sauce, desire
Don't look me in the eye

Creature, hero
Sweetheart, picture show
nave nun when she look all is mine take everything an shook big thief big meech mix up e gucci wid e Louis V Clark's pan mi feet badness enuh cheap pussy
mi ways, nuh pussy cyah come copy dat
Nuh yuh katty dat, Pon mi bro cocky top

Big meech pon e line we a big thief
Big bimma pon e road it a drift
marass (Carty marass)
Jeune homme arrogant perdu dans le noir
Ye han han
J'travaille pour les mapess
J'prend tout ce que je veux j'arrive big thief comme
ever fall God's Grace big like sumo
Shout out to my cuzo breaking chains
Dios nudos
Bro we rep the Lord we ain't throwing up no gang signs
Red fish
call me the girl dem sugar
Big godzilla
Thief in the night
I'm a silent killa
Grab any girl wey
Dey Move to inna
Make your girl sing
Like she's bryson
hunger change him big dream
Beta striker don dey do things
Emeka turned to a big thief 
Him don dey serve for Kirikiri 
E ye o
Awala dem dey wala
Suh wi affi bang yi line
An get wi ting up
Big thief
Fuck green card
Dutty skull
Every day d killa dem press
Jus get a car
Issa house mi want next
U cya
sneak up in the dark 
Watch out for the big time thief who claim sey that them smart 
Stop bringing the crack and the gun to mash up the youth dem heart
with the big meech
pon e line we a big thief 
a ratty gang name a ring inna the street
23 pan feet 
when we a hunt fi the cheese we no sleep 
plus we

9x19 head chip enoooo


mi friend dem a big mesh

wul a dem a big thief

amiri white tees

name good inna d street

rave out the bad beast
dem can't keep
Mama still a bawl 
Pappa him nuh stop weep
Daughter deh a prison and the son a big thief
Everything in a di store dem have on taxes
Oluwa abeg we plead oh
Send us the savior now so oh
Make the problem japa
Government scatter
All the big big thief wey de wear agbada
Poor man de
A veil of every big thief  
With all this wine 
Man oh man it takes money and time   

It's hard to say not knowing  
It's hard to say 

Hogy de jó az a Big Thief-póló
Aztán semmi, mindig sztornó

De most odamegyek, én odamegyek hozzá
Odamegyek, igen, odamegyek hozzá

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