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Sky? Not the limit

Rebuild, rebuild
Let Yah arise and His children be still
May all our enemies cry and bewail
The day they decided to damage Israel
Of the whole kingdom
They put on a show
To try and get at her dough

Her delight is to sit in the dark
And sometimes, with shedding tears
To bewail Essex!


Bewail the truth, the face of fate, and conquer all the past

Don't employ yourself, let the penance begin
You've got to open your heart
to see
bonehead everyday.
You’ve enjoyed this shit but it’s never late to bewail.
Over those shameful chains in your soul!

Open your eyes! Blinded coward!
Must I my Acis still bemoan,
Inglorious crush'd beneath that stone?

Cease, Galatea, cease to grieve!
Bewail not whom thou canst relieve.

fowlers waylaid him in hopes to ensnare him
While I here in sorrow, his absence bewail
Oh, it grieves me to think that the walls of Kilmainham
Surround my
Cry, cry, cry whoa
Cry, cry, cry whoa

There is a story 
That I must tell
Of two lovers
That I bewail
Now they must cry, cry, cry whoa
Cry, cry, cry whoa
Cry, cry, cry whoa

There is a story 
That I must tell
Of two lovers
That I bewail
Now they must cry, cry, cry whoa
What was sent to the soldier's wife
From the far-off russian land ?
From russia there came just a widow's veil
For her dead to bewail in her widow's veil
What kind of race, lack of direction
Just how lunatic, to have a nature so deceit
Bewail my reverie, a gambol untried
Lure of carnality
Where once the spheres and archangels kissed

Fellated Satan
His coming assails
The Night In Gales
That bewail turned tides
While you bewail my audience who celebrates our slighting
We feast on sugared apricot cakes and spice wine
To catalyze or saccharine haze
millions will bewail
In the ruins of a dream
We watch the beast prevail
All those voices silenced
By a jester wearing the crown
Sing in defiance
In the ashes
I can feel the sore of your betrayal 
And the dark flames are burning with my bewail 
Now that you're warned, there's nothing to hide
I'm getting
and a-wailin' and a-moanin' and cryin'
Just to touch but the hem of his garment

Now John's in the prison, his head on a plate
Though Herod bewail it, too little,
the final breath 

Relinquishing of will 

Pile of the mortal remains 
Awoke from a century of repose 
Flesh dangles from their
Shes funny shes pretty Shes really entertaining
Hearts pumping im lonely Dont really got nobody 
Deplore bewail I never tend to feel this
Im wanting
shall be no more

Life - thou shalt diea

Not shall the knife

Sleep in my hand

I lament and bewail

As my soul withers

Alone I wander

This be
thoughts of you
The winter moon bewail you too
You still remain to me
a pending mystery

Voices are calling beyond the dawn
where life and dream seems as one
Maker of all things, Judge of all men; We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, Which we, from time to time, most grievously have
misfortune bewail. 

The grief my poor heart
No tongue can disclose.
My cheeks are now pale,
They once bloomed like the rose.
And it's all for a young
stretching into the skyline?

And on this dark day as I cross
This New World Rhine with her own rings of gold
She will whip me and bewail me with the wind
you can´t feel
entity is lost
no love will heal

have we lost direction
where has innocence gone
disappeared dissoulte
no bewail, no mourn

if I could
to bewail?

A lot of things are changing
And re-arranging
I have to say I saw it coming
Yet did nothing
In the darkest of times
B.o.B's earn the right

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