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a whipping

[Chorus: Jadakiss and DMX]
here we go again [Repeat: x8]

Look don't try to apologize on your two way
Sympathy don't amuse me, go
freestyle much so
I write em like such
Amongst the fiends
Controlled by the screens
What does it all mean
All this shit Iâ??m seein
Human beings scream
Then why is this verse coming six times rehearsed 
I don't freestyle much but write 'em like such (word) 
Amongst times controlled by the screen 
Raise to let you know
I got a grip of microphones
You still at that Grabbing stage, to have it stage
Hard to kick, like bet money underneath my feet
for grammy like Source Awards then com-pet-tit-tors bet-tor look out 

like Pack Jam once I record - "n-o-v-a-shun" the first, to influx
the coaches
And I'm a always be in the hood like roaches
Flow is ferocious, dough is ferocious
Two guns by each lung with no holsters

And I control all
me love you)
Baby you should let me love you

(You should let me)

Just relieve your stress (relax) chill your ring finger
And freeze
Yo even if I just cooked up, if money's comin give you it moist
And don't be scared to die, I ain't give you a choice
Niggas'll try
Jay! Fuck that 
This is it right here baby! 
You know what it is 
Yo, I used to have bad luck 
Now you might see me in
the hardest nigga out you outta know it by now
I'm the nigga that they talk about going to Chao
And my name ring bells, my blade stay bloody
If you heard
to swing the chrome for real
Dog this year we gon' bring it home for real

What you wanna bet the lama'll squash you
I been had a white fan base before
No trouble, I'll bust your bubble then leave you for ruin
Such come a dime a dozen, fuck some
You lost the race by a dick slut's cum 'cause nuts won
[Thirstin Howl III] 

I'm accustomed to abiding by freestyle penal code 
My rhymes are like long drives going down a scenic road 
Taught discipline
the coaches
And I'm a always be in the hood like roaches
Flow is ferocious, dough is ferocious
Two guns by each lung with no holsters

And I control all
What  what 
You over there Styles? 
Yeah dog 
Second album nigga  real L.O.X. 
We run the streets  y'all know who to bet (C'mon)
to be the king, go ask Jadakiss why
I'm in the lobby right now, 16:55
I got a bitch like Cardi B, bet that ass sittin' nice
Don't gotta go to South
Rap book you had all them rhymes you had 
Was wack, Take it like that uh this nigga Murs With a freestyle verse
with basik
Your whole stlye is wack so
of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
rhymes equal actual life
Its the true essence in ebony, trace your record-sales G
Somethings are pure luck, other things are meant to be
I bet they'll
these niggas awards and they still nobodies
I don't go to the Grammys, nigga I bag those
Fuck the BET awards, I done had those
Fuck a freestyle, nigga
you'll see
Introducing, Jadakiss and Styles P, where you at?

[The L.O.X.]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
You know we still in the hood dog, in front of the store
This is what I believe he says, too lazy to correct line-by-line…:
“Fuck swag
Fuck swag
Fuck swag
Fuck swag

15’s in the back
on a solo
Props for killin cops I'm hellbound
I'm on a motherfuckin mission, I'm goin at it
You want a freestyle kid I'm wilder than the penile
Back up
These sucka wannabe's
Nigga please - you're green
I'll bend hoes on the downlow - banks obscene 
want to chill with these niggas, bet you wish
Right now you're privileged
My freestyle and phenomenal writtens
Gives y'all a conflict of interest
Whenever I star the entrance line is so far in

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