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I am, a meticulous man
Bedridden, exasperated
Bedridden, agitated
And there is no master plan
I am, a ridiculous man
Bedridden, violated
keeps good men bedridden
Jesus Christ, I am forever making the same mistakes
Yet it's women not lack of ambition that keeps good men bedridden
a love doctor
I need a love M.D.

I've been sick ya'll
I've been sick ya'll

I need a prescription
Just right for me
A lot
and the fiction cruelly continuing: 
Slick surrogate to get to the bottom of everything. 

The detective sings, bedridden in the far west wing. 
And all
Far away far away
Are not all lovely things far away
As far at least lies that valley
As the bedridden sun in the luminous east
The paralyzed
And when they pull up my chopper like "turn the fuck around"
Before I

My four-four leave a fuck nigga bedridden
Bed sores and his old ho's head spinnin'
Permanently bed-ridden
And if you're pussy, then motherfucker get in where you fit in
As I walk around the streets
Son I got mad beef, I'mma blast
a salad bowl, Edgar Allen Poe
Bedridden, shoulda been dead a long time ago
Liquid Tylenol, gelatins, think my skeleton's meltin'
Wicked, I get all high
When he was ten his father split, full of it, debt-ridden
Two years later, see Alex and his mother bed-ridden
Half-dead sittin' in their own sick,
Straight-backed chair and a table
Where he sits when he's able
To walk over from bedridden misery
To record from his thoughts 
On a worn out
Now I'm laughing while head is given
No fucks are given ever cause I'm rotten to the core
Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya right into the door
Aah, cross
Now I'm laughing while head is given
No fucks are given ever cause I'm rotten to the core
Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya right into the door
Aah, cross
Mark my words

I'm bedridden here locked outside of my faith
Incurable captured by time
You're the reason I'm feeling so deranged
I will stay here
motive was to go back to his childhood home
While his mom was still living
It wasn't a house
More like an old mobile camper
Where she was bedridden
and be a ace in your hood

I'm a new breed in a new era with no errors
Poverty-stricken will leave somebody bedridden
Try to take what's mine, I'm
keep the distance and never assess what for

Declaring good riddance
of eternity bedridden but never sleeping 
'Cause it's here where all the hope hides out to listen to the ancient beating 
To listen to the ancient beating

Cathode sun ray skies, burn bed-ridden eyes,
Watch each other's eyes to make sure it's all right.

We'll stay up all night, we'll stay up all
turns the candle burns bed-ridden 'cause you have to
Sleeping all your days away 'cause waking hours scare you
How about a smile be the last thing that I
born into this misery
Never knowing any reason why
Cowering on the dirty floor
Bed-ridden, beaten - every day

...under the seal of secrecy

eyes full
But just about ill
[Be not part of the accident]

You name it
I've done it
Don't go out
Don't go to bars
Check your pockets
It's probably
chains break I'll be free

Children red with weeping and a howling bloodsmeared hound
Wrapped in Bedridden saved a place for the weak
Across the burning
to neglect from their mother
Who was bed-ridden by her ex-lover, their father
And she didn't even notice, or pay much attention
As the tide came in
the game I be spitting
Be leaving these hoes sick, like they was bedridden
Stop hating, and learn how to share these hoes
These niggaz be taking classes,

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