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on my mind
I bought a present today, some sweet perfume
Can't wait for my baby
You know she'll be home soon
Sing it with me

Everyday (Everyday)
The way it used to be

And I wonder do you ever ever ever miss me too
The way that I miss you
On that summer holiday we knew
That holiday with you
If I could have you by my side
And when I love you throughout the night

It feels like a holiday
I feel your body on me like a summer breeze
When you're havin' a party
With Santa in the house
This ain't no ordinary holiday
When you're sittin' by the fire
And there's a snow man chillin' out
Tomorrow's light hurts my eyes
Still see me with you
Loose lives
Loyal eyes
Lovers meant to

Be okay
While we fade
Toxic holiday
insane, dance in snowy rain
Even drink champagne
Baby, I can't wait to be alone and celebrate

Holiday, celebrate, making out with my babe
Holiday, in
that sun ain't never coming out, 
But I'd rather be here than in that dirty old town, 
I had to leave the city 'cause it broke me down, 

Oh holiday
Began with the holiday worlds of old
Now, you've probably wondered
Where holidays come from.
If you haven't I'd say
It's time you begun.
The whole world is rejoicing with family and friends
And I'm watching 'It's A Wonderful Life' at the Holiday Inn

Christmas Eve used to be a peaceful dream
The Great Wall of China
The Head of Kinsale

I'm just as happy with a pot of tea
In a rotten little beach hut by the sea
We're on our way
We're off
And lots of goodies for you and me
So leave a peppermint stick for old St. Nick
Hanging on the Christmas tree

It's the holiday season
be something
Left for you and I

There's nothing left to fight about
Or to get all uptight about
So ladiday, let's go on holiday

I'm weathering
made me brand new
Today is a holiday for two
It's our anniversary

Tonight we're gonna celebrate
Cheers to another year with me
Today is a holiday
don't leave me lonely if I don't have you

The holiday's just another day that's cold
Standing all alone under the mistletoe
I don't feel the cheer,
around so blue
I just can't wait on Saturday that's my holiday with you
Monday Tuesday Wednesday wonder if you miss me too
Thursday Friday Saturday
The radio plays my holiday faves
It takes me back to when our love was new
Young lovers pass me by with their glow
That used to be us not so long
J’s on my feet
So get like me

I be in the club standing on the couch
In them Wolf Greys like it's my house
Drinking out the bottle, I got no
with my baby
So I'm going to love you until the sun comes up
Be that extra sugar you need in your cup

There's no holiday from this love
We won't
so blue
I just can't wait on Saturday that's my holiday with you
Monday Tuesday Wednesday wonder if you miss me too
Thursday Friday Saturday makin'
I took a business trip 
Down to Florida 
I got a room at a Holiday Inn 
There was an earthquake in California 
Must be the reason why this place
Left your nigga to be with my squad
He talk a lot of shit, but he ain’t really on
He hit it too soft, but me I go hard, like
Ooh wee baby, when you with
They're gonna know I'm in town on a harem holiday

Twenty women, twenty women by my side
I'm gonna kiss them all, because I've gotta keep 'em satisfied
need is just one hit to get me by
'Cause baby when your near I'm halfway high

Light up, everybody
Join us in this celebration
Light up and be happy
fallin' off the trees
On a dreamer's holiday!

Every day for breakfast
There's a dish of scrambled stars
An' for lunchin' you'll be munchin'
I said I'm over it I think I'm buying something else
Leave everyday like a thug holiday
Suffocate a nigga bout my j. holiday
To make a movie bout

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