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an only son 
In the hills of Nazareth 
As he lay reading the Psalms of David 
At his mother's feet 

A mother prays, "Sleep tight, my child, sleep well
I'm like Thomas doubting
Fingers routing the scars
Of Your wrists and side
Touching flesh will make my mind believe

But I want to be like David
time I took LSD

But listening to Patsy Cline

And Skeeter David really blew my mind

Played the boombox in the courtyard

Never used a credit
to understand
Like David long ago
That humble service in Your house
Is still the greatest dream a heart can hold

Oh, let me be a servant, a keeper of the door
on a charge but his mother doesn't know
I never got around yet I tell it my soul 
But we only make it crazy 

We'll I'll be fine, I'm only screaming in my
vegetation. Trust in the Lord and do good, then you will abide in the land and be nourished by faith. Delight in the Lord, and He will guard your desires
and never leave the ground, If I had a mind to

Fly through the eye of a hurricane, freeze my body like David Blaine
Be the first to find life on Mars, go
Reilly, I was rushed away by car
To be made a little orangeman, my father's shining star
I was christened David Anthony, but still in spite of that
To my
By david pack and michael mcdonald

When the morning breaks with the rising sun
Our past mistakes are gonna be undone
'cause no other love could have
Cadillacs Still Ridin' On Vogues
We From A Place
Where My Soul Still Don't Feel Free
Where A Flag Means More Than Me(IN MISSISSIPPI)

Verse 1 David Banner
But I can't make thus feeling cease 

Cause deep in my soul you left a permanent crease and 

We all got our cross to bear 

Our Star of David
Bet she had a nigga with her to help her old ass

As James Baldwin says
You can only be destroyed by believing
That you really are what the white
Written by: david henman, james henman,
Ritchie henman and myles goodwyn

I just dropped in to see how my woman was
I wish to spend some time with
Grander earth has quaked before
Moved by the sound of His voice
Seas that are shaken and stirred
Can be calmed and broken for my regard
my words, let it be said
Live in my life tonight

Tonight we shall sweetly sleep
Tonight by still waters deep
Tonight for my soul to keep, still waters
free I’m still a prisoner of all I saw
Sometimes I leave this booth at 4 am, and ride down Simpson
Just prayin homie, and reminiscin
Sometimes my
free I’m still a prisoner of all I saw
Sometimes I leave this booth at 4 am, and ride down Simpson
Just prayin homie, and reminiscin
Sometimes my
But twenty some years later I'm still grateful and surprised
By the little gifts that David gave to me

I knew this guy before I wed
He had
good tidings of great joy 
Which shall be to all people 
For unto you he was born this day in the City of David a Saviour 
Which is Christ the Lord
soul one heart
On violins we got, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, yeah
On guitar, my man David Rosen
Jerry Wonder on the bass
Sizzla, bredrin
Be in my soul tonight.
Live in my words, let it be said,
Live in my life tonight.

Tonight we shall sweetly sleep,
Tonight, by still waters
in the past,

Oh my night sky,
Is full of stars of David,
Oh they all try,
To catch my eye and show me what they're made of,
But I already know,
stand still, I just wanna be in Your will
Just like David and Goliath, I gotta encourage my soul, yeah
Said I'm gonna stand still until

Until my change
to Soul (Soul to soul)
Sooooul mmmh..mmmh..mmmmmmh
Oh whoa whoa (soul to soul)
Picked some newspaperâ?¦At my feet
We go blowing down the street
burning and aweful enigma sprung by the sling 
of david appears gutterbug batch prior to hatch dismiss it as a soul condensing 
excuse to decorate maps