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could really really
Do it like me
Did they call Red?
You batty boy dem say
No batty boy dem knew
Batty boy nuh play
When batty boy come thru
I’m that
Yow,who dat?
Bredba: Me man,Bredba.Yuh no see wha' demput inna de paper?Dem talk 'bout
say fi apologize to batty-boy.Apologhize fuh wha'?Dem fi
this heat
Woah try and check me, and ill have em checking pulses
Me and you can't compete huh
Run batty boy
Run batty boy
Run batty boy
Run batty boy
fight, laisse ça aux macaques
Quand la bac matraque ces
Renois sont des toubabs

Batty boy, batty boy, batty boy

Batty boy, batty boy, batty boy
Gipsy in this bitch
Mhmm yeah

Don't try to play with me (me)
You lil batty boy (don't play)
Tell me why you running fam (come back)
I ain't
a quarter to onto two 

i say now 

pass me the lazerbeam 

comin with the 



budda a boom bye bye in a batty boy yeah 

rude boy no forget
最高潮で No No No No way go away
Batty boy dern Hey
anyway run a way Ah-yai yai
Hey とりあえず Smoking
するラガマフィン これ いつも通り
Hey 意味不明な罰金とか
そんな system は Shatta
Nuff ah dem likkle men try
To put me down
Buh man ah build him own empire
Some ah dem batty boy cry
Me no want nyam fish
Gyal man ah Rastafari
Hope you
Hug up on another 
Anna rub dung leg 
Send fi di matic an 
Di Uzi instead 
Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem
Dem don't want Jackie 
Give dem
Hug up on another 
Anna rub dung leg 
Send fi di matic an 
Di Uzi instead 
Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem
Dem don't want Jackie 
Give dem
Why you will discriminate me
G-A-Y is why you will discriminate me

You're a faggot
You're a gayboy
You're a batty boy
You're a shit stabber

Ah Who Go Peter King Mansion
Fi get satisfaction weh If yuh want fiyah no
Battyboy fi get the pump action
Yuh haffi help me bun di gays say it again
Porsche o
Your body banging, oh lemme touch
Dj Start to dey turn it up
Batty boys dem dey ball ball ball
When the Dj dey play my song
Gidi girls dem dey
Gimmie the needle that’s capital murder
Bout bread and the cheese and the beef that’s a burger
Bombaclot batty boys shooting like belly
My shoes
Seh dem bad, but dem dont have a clue lu lu lu lu
Big dogs weh par wid, dem ah poodle lu lu lu
No batty boy nuh inna mi crew lu lu lu lu
Big guns mi
like Chantelle Fiddy
Jookie Mundo's got titties

Jookie's a batty
Why chatting about man's balls and batty?
Boy Better Know I will draw for the gatty
If a di pussy jaw sen on nuh heng on
Thou shall not si di batty and teck on
Gal run di boy weh blow you like cow horn
Mek him know bad man a wuk
Yo boyfriend broker den a bitch he don't how to be a rich nigga
Buddy say he like the way I move so he watch me
Buddy he a batty boy my yute he a batty
being a batty
Yeah....... I'm a batty
And I'm gay!
Batty batty batty boy, hey hey! Batty boy!
I'm a fucking bent boy, yeah hehe...
Uh-huh come on cum cum!
You can call me Mr. J
I'm nothing without you
Little batty boy
Don't you understand the meaning?
Behind bad boy
That's me
And no one can take that
Certified splasher
Stab em
Hooligan talky - never
Hooligan pro league batty boy semi,
Hooligan busy batty boy дома,
Hooligan broke boy но ненадолго,
air if you like punnany
ain't no Batty Boy I just like a phat punnany
I Like that pum pum tight like my girl Melanie
I love Punnany Oh I love Punnany
took the chance
And made a dream 
When you break a sweat you eat bread 
Batty boy touch my chain then am aiming for your head
I wanna thank everybody one
Look inna ur eye
I see heaven em
Sitting on the beach yeah
She sexy yeah

See no batty boy 
Never handle her
She prefer the henny
To metropolitan

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