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hard to believe that I beat three AM's recent, oh, thank you Jesus
Show my lawyer the CPS weakness, even my barrister said that I'm genius
London town,
the dream,
The dream I saw was all round me got.

Hocus pocus three men jokers,
Barristers beast policemen thieves,
Three queens and broken dreams,
On a chorister minus a bride
She relies on the barrister's side
How tight I?

Wow wins the rightness in height
There'll be Kramer and Kramer inside
A brightness
Charlie oh
Please say Charlie oh
Everybody go to try Mas charlie
Lawyer, Jury, barrister, judge
Me say lawyer, Jury, barrister, judge

failed saints. 
We've got Cardinals, Archbishops, barristers, certified accountants, music critics, 
They're all here. 
You're not alone, you're never
like a rose.

You got pulled (?)
for tryin' to straighten
up this town,
and looked bashful
bribin' old, bent
Barrister Brown.

Ya' know, their
You got pulled
For tryin' to straighten
Up this town
And looked bashful
Bribin' old, bent
Barrister brown

Ya know, their turnin' on
like that

See the birds
Scattered on your dressing gown
See the dark seeds
See the dark barristers gliding away
Gotta do lunch before you get down
act up, that's an ambulance
Wheelchair bandits, 50 bags for the Barristers
Yuck! Sounds fishy innit
But fuck that shit, got bigger fish to fillet
watching barristers 
In flight see them disappear from sight on this fair 
And starry night though I'm by myself 
I am not alone there are lots of little
Take the fall for a fate so tall
Retribution paid in full
Gavel strike, as the jury sighs
Unanimous and crude
Barrister with the white wig of fear
Barrister, Tu Hi Minister, Phir Bis Aata Ander Oye
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, O Lucky Oye
( Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, O Lucky Lucky Oye )... (3)

A B C D Chaida Mainu,
Like I'm tryna level up my character
You was talking in court like a barrister
I've been getting past, breaking through
Overcoming every single
a barrister named Genevieve
crooked barrister, arranged the calls
Your life of service is worthless
If you've ever served at all

Raise up now your lone star
We'll watch the pieces
done talkin', talk to my manager
Just beat another case, so I gotta shout out to my barrister
Never used to smile for the camera
A Dickie head,
arrest a barrister lawyer
They want to hire me but dey can't afford a nigga
She say she wan to travel I should help her got the visa
Emi odanran moti mope
Flavors come from Cali
Fur on my coat's from Canada
You know I didn't beat that case
I can't shout out my barrister
Know that my buj runs black on foil
intellect we cannot forget

Too many wild cards in the pack, elusive characters
Politicians to barristers, lunatics, madmen
Shop owners, straight through

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