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simply lost his mind 
Lord, I'm asking you Lord 
Will you help him find it? 

Oh, it is said 
Find a will 
And you'll find a way 
I live by that
I just got the crib with the studio
You could say I live at the studio
Shawty come and give at the studio

All I do is rap and sex
Niggas see how
Daniel stares over LA
Tiny little stairs over his head
Out on the lamb
His lying's on the loose
King of the jungle
Running from the truth
All I would do is go to the studio and The Shelter
Listening to Redman and Heltah Skeltah

Aye y'all remember that one joint from the Heltah
stand another fight
The studio boss fired me, my future's been shot by

The Three Martini Lunch
Things will get better soon, I gotta hunch
Some girls go to church on Sunday
Live life by the golden rule
You got girls gonna graduate one day
Some come laude from party school

Some they
and Bernell, took two to the dome
Bobby and Kirk straight, Red never made it to the phone
Slim got shot, I got a call from the cops
I was dealt a bad hand, when
Music by: Daniel Trejo Jr. and Robert Garza
- -
Go ahead and take what you want
And carve yourself, self right out of me
And disconnect what you were
me in the studio, tappin in from it, actin bad with a pen!! 
No blackin', no ant-draggin, no babblin 
I'm grabbin' the mic in the booth when they
I've been on the outside loving you
Seen from far away
Every day that I live for you
All I do or say

Like the song of the whippoorwill
start life from scratch, I wouldn't change shit 

Same gun, same clip, same dumb bitch 

All Out, Harlem World, same old clique 

Same old studio
habla español, just show me tu baño
Ain't trynna get to know you, I'm too busy readin' Daniel
Most segregated time of day is Sunday service
Now what you
say you pay with what you earn 
Bad is better than the burn 

Cold is the shoulder that turns away 
Curses the man on judgment day 
Damned by
was just another bad dream
They want to keep me secure here
From a world in chaos I'm safe
I'm better off down in my small crate
Protected by
Bad new don't ruin my appetite
Don't let the papers tell me if it's wrong or right
I just do what I do and I do it
Day by day by day by day by day
kinds of people 
The good, the bad, and everyone 

There'll come the day when everyone passes him by 
What will he say when nobody answers his cry?
and the outside of me
Has been made again by you

Like a bright new morning
Like a bright new day
I woke up from a deep sleep
I woke up from a bad dream
and the outside of me
Has been made again by you

Like a bright new morning
Like a bright new day
I woke up from a deep sleep
I woke up from a bad dream
But he’s talking about, ‘I wanna see you deceased’

No doubt, to live and die in LA
California, what you say about Los Angeles
Still the only place
Times're gettin' hard boy money's almost gone
Times're gettin' hard boy time to move along
Gonna take my true love by the hand lead her from this

You live in my heart, when you're far away
I see you in dreams where I hear you say
I'm with you forever, in true love
By light of the day
I ain't no good
And I live by the wood
They say I ain't bad
I'm the best that I've had
And I know it ain't right
But I'll fight my whole life
[Tony Sunshine]
'cause I need somebody who will stand by me
Through the good times and bad times who will always...
always be my girl
[Chorus] -
Oh blue is my life by day by night nobody cares if I live or die
Is a man not a man when he ends it all when he take his own before hearing the call
So you want to be a rap superstar, and live large
A big house, 5 cars, tha rent charged
Comin' up in the world, don't trust no body
Gotta look