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I told ya
I told you
Now sweetie, please promise me
That you won't see
This sad song, grim augury
or hero 
On a quest of augury 
Maleficent's fury 
The spindle so luring 
Dragon fight, dying night 
Dooming might 
Apprentice of Yen Sid 
ensnares the wealth of kindness
Through augury and empowerment
In the name of the gods, thou shalt kneel
Confess thy sins vow to them deities
And now you
Oh do not wish for a thing
'Lest the gods punish you with it all
The things youÂ're looking for you'll never find
In this life
For all the auguries
What arboreal augury be this?
Has the Realm Verdant at last seen the countenance
of the scourge born of prophecy?
What is thy scheme, Zyl-Zyn-Horhuz?
the world
Night is the mother of sleep
Old age is a malady of which one dies
Augury of a better age
Sages as far as the beard
Their wounds smelled so
There'll come a boiling point
A swallow chew and spit implosion
Collapse is long forewarned augury
The loudest tongue will lie about it
Which breeds in the depths of mother nature's wide womb 

Waiting for the augury, the full moon's appearance 
Enchanting primary forces in the four
yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now fly me there

Fanatics find their heaven in never ending storming wind
the augury

The script of this tragedy
Now lies in my hands
I read the lines, realize the signs
How the story ends

The High King is dead
Struck by his vision
the streak of the lightning
Into st. elmo's fire
The deadend fire
Into st. elmo's fire

with mounting suspense, waiting for augury
Visions are blending upon

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