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It is thy heritage to rule the world,
Sent to defile from Belial.
Revelation unorthodox,
Atheistic is so mystic.

Fall to the abyss of Hell,
We have had our last chance, 
The arm is at the door. 
Evil is erupting, it is coming. 
His agents are at hand. 
Atheistic passion breathes
Annihilation within warning she is placed.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold the rage.

For all the atheistic leaders and crusades
atheistic, you'd better fear it
They're from the word, you ain't heard
It's my decision that your vision is blurred

So come on rap fans, clap your hands
fingers in your ears, like the atheistic heathen you are. Agnostics may want to plug just one ear. 

May my every sneeze be blessed
May I pass I
Extreme in everything,
With a dissolute imagination of the like
Which has never been seen,
Atheistic to the point of fanaticism,
There you have
atheistic tosh I'm spouting off
And so he calls upon his favorite angel choir
To sing of times when men were filled with christian fire
But over-zealous

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