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to be gettin

I got too timid to bust those garbage ass lyrics
I could tell by the way you kick it, you don't live it
Everything that could rhyme was
to face it all
Side by side or a phone call
Living in tension with you
Still feels better
Better than I’ve ever known

We’ve got a vicious love
We mix our
Down the drain.
They've all gone to where Tom Mix is.
Down the drain.
Where's those grand old Gold Dust Twins?
(All those German zeppelins?)
[Twin Spirit N. 32]
I'm So Sad !
There's No Point In Living Anymore
My Nature Has Been Twisted By
Your Presence In This Unreal World

And I Wish I
All This Tools It's So Cool
But Nothing Seems To Work
Teach Me Please
Tell Me How To Turn On This Device !
[Twin Spirit N. 32]
Please Don't Touch
you can have it all
But if you talk bad on this G ass nigga you'll take a fall, blaow
How many hoes want a nigga that get his ass kicked 
Car took,
Walls start closing in around you
My twins of evil
They shake you by the collarbone
Then snap your ribcage

And broken bodies in a death rock dance
it plain,
"Although she is so careless,
Although he is so vain."
But the lady played Bob Cherry,
Did not see or care,
As the vain man went by her,
Ready to bid love peace and all's well
Puttin words to a bassline knowin the spell
Some mix a world treasures and worthless trash
Silver that
dollar stealth bomber fails to fly successfully
And you say I should be proud of this song
Think about it AMERICA!

Verse One: Sir Mix-a-Lot

And my face lets out a smile every time 
It's prostitution to the kids who listen from the right and out the left 
Twins and seven
you can have it all
But if you talk bad on this G ass nigga you'll take a fall, blaow
How many hoes want a nigga that get his ass kicked 
Car took,
A mahogany guitar
We mix the six play
Flip it a million ways
Spend your every fantasy
Your desire's fulfilled by my song
Makin love till
And it's signed in there parent's blood 

And all hell breaks loose 
Yeah, my heart is a-breaking loose 
Yeah, my whole world's breaking loose 
another shot
Damn the music loud
I'm 'bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Grip slip slide by the dance floor
Baby grab me by my hand say she
the music loud
I'm bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Whip, slip, slide by the dancefloor
Baby grab me by the hand say she wanna dance, oh oh
you at, then ya ass is got


[Solomon Childs]
We bringin' back the Twin Towers, 20-0-3, crack game electronic
Conceived with slow jams by
decides to bury us alive
Let's blow a hole in the sky tonight

Splatter it with tattered silver
No wish is safe from harm
We're a deadly mix of idle
by design,
It's all we'll ever have to say goodbye..
Say goodbye.

Flown in, sleep over winter break,
Cocktails and miniature mistakes,
your mind as I do this
Twin darkness flipsided unabided
Conscious mortals don't fight it
Uninvited strangers in the chamber of thought
my heart's like a fist
I words spilling out

From the blessed lips
Of any prophet or goddess
I need a myth
Brought back to life by a kiss
never hum drum dating some chum
With her thumbs strumming a guitar
You'll find the chicks slicker and they mix quicker by far

Sounds like a great,
in ya heart, when you see the gift
We think big, A-L-see we get right

Yo, everytime I rest, I put it all on the line
Yo money never
with the game 
They know me by the Breed and they don't know it's my last name 
It's mind over matter 
I don't mind, you don't matter 
Pull a glock
the rhymes that I'm givin' 'em
Combined with the rhythm designed to expose the sins
All in it's the master plan
Until the curse is reversed I'm sayin',

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