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found in the woods, this nightmarish truth
Arachnocratic Assemblage
Unhallowed structure, maintain distance, 'lest you're entangled in your grave
crunching us down
Perverse assemblage bleeding of collective hearts 
And I let out a sigh for all we've got 
All we've got

Looking for the outside 
We are
bras bio-mécanisés produisent sans peine
Mille gadgets à la journée, travail à la chaîne
Assemblage et procédés, boulonnage, soudure cuivrée
Je suis le

He rode dirt bikes years ago
Won some trophies did some shows
And a few demos

The boy, yes, he's my friend
Assemblage of stories
Walking in my l'assemblage
I'm rubbin' on it, rub-rubbin'
If you scared, call that reverend, boy I'm drinking
Get my brain right
Armand de Brignac,
Walking in my l'assemblage
I'm rubbin' on it, rub-rubbin'
If you scared, call that reverend, boy I'm drinking
Get my brain right
Armand de Brignac,
Bluntly disassembled and painfully dissected with an assemblage of gore
Bisected heads, appendages, intestines and more
Clinically deranged
volets extrêmement variés
Le groupe que nous allons vous présenter
Ah, a réussi à faire un assemblage des styles les plus différents
Que soit du jazz,
And being unchained by decision
Assemblage of the Ancient Way
With Incantations, manifesting our will
Expanding our Being
I've got an alchemist and
I've even got an orc philosopher
I assure you there's assent for my assemblage
Don't let the acquisition cause you any Umbridge
est-ce que ça va durer?
J'veux juste jouer et pas me ruiner
Mais ma défaite semble être programmée
J'essaie d'trouver l'assemblage parfait
Les mots qui te
our fear
It shall ever be near
Me and my heart barren
From a starting
A home between
Love's assemblage and the assembly
Of love's parts
And set aside
Un savant assemblage de gamètes super
N'te vexe pas
2k18 un millésime épars
Malgré les efforts
2k19 mets-y les formes
Ouais c'est fini les farces
And 365
I ain't tryna die to reach me to heaven
I ain't gone lie
I know this world gone need an assemblage
Some assembly is required 
Play me

I can't see 

I can't see 

I feel this severance 
As if I never was
Faulty assemblage 
Shutters have daunted
Protolithic shields once close together
Near each other until the Mesozoic break-up
Younger continental assemblage
Three of a kind now far apart 

ton souffle
Alors on va ralentir
Chacun dans son corner
On a toute la nuit
Je t'allongerai sur la table
On aura le parfait assemblage
Je ne te lâcherai
of feathered intent
Into the blue horizon

While you sleep
The ones you cherished
Form an assemblage

The voyager knew that it was the end
The final moment
d'la péninsule
Assemblage d'particules, avec le recul j'suis qu'un module
Assez crédule pour croire en la brume qu'on sert depuis tout petit
Dans un
A eulogy had to be delivered
Otherwise, it was just a meal

With glossy black feathers and thin belly skin
An ordered assemblage formed at the wake
pe-ra, un pied dans l'mortier
Parle de grand écart sans forcer, mamène
J'parais en forme, ouais, en vrai j'suis encore tiède
J'taffe mes assemblages
of albums stuck up back-to-back
And now that archaeology, all assemblages of you and me
So I'll dig up all your sutff and preserve it
We'll be old in a bit
bloodlust over principles 
Wouldn't waste the ink but Ima show you what this pen'll do 
Sword of truth forever sharp, hostile in assemblage 
Love to point
Mystery, stick to the rhythm 
Singing and dancing 
Assemblage denotes compassion 
Mushroom and dandelion 

Infinite truth lies beyond words 

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