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Your a lover don't keep it undercover
Our life will pass you by
Your a shy one your not a coming by one
And life won't pass you by forever
[Sinner, Van Der Graaf]

Down at the corner
We're spending our time
Takin' anything that's going
We get out of the line
On the run with the boys
Looking for answers
No answers but we're taught a lesson everytime
Through mistakes we've learned to gather wisdom
Life's responsibility falls in our hands
Of having to support our families
Who's protecting us from harm
Is there anyone around
That we can trust

So we search for answers to our
Shots ring out in Paris, the bells ring out in Rome
Your photo's in the paper, boy you're getting old
Footsteps in the carpark he's the governor
We were children who played
On the backstreets of border towns
And we dreamed of the day when we might run away
To where the good life was found
By his side ... smiling smiles
I never seen
So I just straightened up
And walked in on that bar room
Just as you reached out and kissed
the backstreets there's a sinner
Where the low life keep on falling
And the victim pays the winner
But the price just stays the same

Tonight come on calling
the shelter of your side
Take me back to the Rocking Horse, pray for answers
Hold on to our life, Hold on to our life

Don't leave your lover waiting all

A laugh for the sun redballing
Through the thermal inversion haze
A laugh for the nuclear good time boys
Numbering all our days
Ha ha ha

A laugh
Ha ha ha

A laugh for the sun redballing
Through the thermal inversion haze
A laugh for the nuclear good time boys
Numbering all our days
you looking for a better life?

Change or die, we're looking for the answers of our life
Change or die, the answer is for you to do what's
Ah, ah, ah, ah

A question isn't answered
If an answer isn't questioned
An answer has a meaning
When new meaning has a truth

Past life brings
her to him
His yoke is easy
His burden is light
You don't need the answers
To all of life's questions
Just know that He loves her
Stay by her side
me a sign
Tell me the way we fall out of line
Is it today or is it tonight we'll find
The answer to our life

This world is not at ease
We seem
you've got the answer
Then I don't want to know
If you've got the answer
Just keep it your own

I wonder why our world is ablaze
Sometimes I speak aloud
All I need
Is someone like you
My dearest darling
Please love me to

Within my heart 
I pray your answer's yes
I'll make your life
out of the poison
Every waking day
Intolerance to overcome
Fortunes won by the boys with the guns
We are alone 
Nowhere to run

I was driving through the fens in a peaceful English scene
Paid for by my grandfather the original gunners dream
I was taking life for granted
or ever give an answer to you
And when you pass me by and you drop a penny in my hat
Don't feel sorry on my account 'cause life can be like that
our legacies of hand me down mistakes
The fruits of our tears rot at the vine
Not enough heart not enough time
No right answers to their wrong ways
turning back I'm here by your side 
Is it today or maybe tonight? 
We'll find 
The answer to our life 
Show me the way, give me the sign 
Tell me
raised since the dawn of man
Who are we and why are we here?
Traveling in circles never getting any nearer
Our thoughts erased by Psilocyben
Lost in
and to hold
The arms of love we'll never let our love grow cold
Life would be so empty without you by my side
The love I feel within me is forever deep and wide
the answer

Can't judge another by the color
By the color of his skin
Can't live on the surface
Got to give it from the places within
Ain't no preacher gonna