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I don't know why, feel like I'll give just one more good lesson 
I ain't just a piece of meat sitting in a delicatessen 

Boy, do I
as the air gets thinner
"yo yo there he go, him," there's the dinner
White meat, carryin' a bag of some sort
Life is short, white meat is quickly caught
it's purpose, dividing bone and meat
For confession or for torture it's grip never releases
The rack has claimed another life
My body lies in pieces
is penitentiary hard looks
The joint is like an oven of caged heat
You're just a number, another piece of tough meat
Killers and robbers are all you
off your feet
I will burn you just like teenage love
I will eat you just like meat
I will break you into pieces

Hold you up for all the world
still beautiful to him
Butyou were just another piece of meat
For him to sink his teeth in your pure blood
So, make your bed, lie in it
Or dig your grave
Everybody knows 'em on the streets , they've seen them
Caughing up another piece of meat
I tell you my my
Babys got a gun
Why you always runnin? from
ride takes another turn
You can turn the bluest skies to grey

It's a new day, no much to talk about
Must be walking over a dead sea by now
It's a new

And here's another piece of advice
Stay away from kids
Cause their hair is filled with mad lice

There's no such thing
As too much Purell
back around
By myself this time, back off the wall
Guns up in the air in the middle of the streets like blak blak blak, welcome

This is the Carter y'all
i'll split your brains
i'll slit your vains
the impact of a bat cracked across your back
is like gettin hit by a train
i'll stick a fang in your blood
Horrorscopes my diorama
A twelve part (so far) psychodrama
Another chained I mean to harm her
Inside as well as out
A perverts gasp inside the mask
New York the city that never sleeps 
Bodies covered in white sheets are layin' in the streets 
Shit gets deep as we creep up the block by the kids
she's putting it down baby

[Royce da 5'9"]
It's looking like, it's another summertime, everybody want to rhyme
Long day, short night, ain't nobody
I just sat back, my legs started shakin'
Now here's another stupid bitch that I be breakin'
I grabbed the slimmy by her hand, and lead her
a ho, no no

It's like a 9 to 5 but I be high
I'm like the captain and my partner Curtis bout to come by
And beam me up, you don't see me much
'til the sun turn bright
Two wrongs don't make it right bitch, no need to cheat
(Pussy just a piece of meat, another means to eat)
Big Tray D told me
collection, when I'm makin' section
Nigga listen, I brake ya ass into submission
Professionalist, specializin' in this
Hennessey wit a twist, another nigga
or she don't sleep
Pussy just a piece of meat another means to eat
Bitches playin like the wayin so I stay in the game
Pimpin hard on these niggaz cuz
do is rep the show and
Told it uncut, maybe I'm Peruvian
I bet you hear my mouth piece inside some car you cruising in
If I knew that them have 'em
Looked at me and said "damn this nigga need god"
Bored, apart in the streets he got beat
The meat, a disinfranchised he left wheat
Me, these images I
fucker (Still thuggin)
You know The Outlawz in this bitch (hahah.. it's on)

[Napolean - Verse 1]
Once again
Another fat nigga fried
Do a drive-by if you
the spanking, the belts thin
By then, I'll crack another nut, by the time the elephant
My L stem, my doobie's thick, yeah
She got a nice square but her bootie
or she don't sleep
Pussy just a piece of meat another means to eat
Bitches playin like the wayin so I stay in the game
Pimpin hard on these niggaz cuz
And four for the hustle
This one is for the homies who died in the street
This is my intro, everybody move to the beat

Yea now beat the meat
Yea defy

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