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the golden mean
By these acts of cruelty in the name of beauty to be free

The acoustic funeral for love in limbo
We're dancing with tags on our
sleeping, the new day comes creeping
And life keeps on passing you by
Magic unfolds when the blue meets the gold
And the sun comes to open your eyes.
sleeping, the new day comes creeping
And life keeps on passing you by
Magic unfolds when the blue meets the gold
And the sun comes to open your eyes.
All rise you promises broken
Call my lovers by their names
Lost hearts and words
That are spoken to the wind
Which blows before the rain

With the boom the bat the bam well damn I rip shit
Of the shoreline rappin the land
It's the radical man sailin on a catamaran (Yeah!)
By the seaside
Blue for the sky and the color green 

Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands 
Suns that rise and rains that fall to bless
All the thoughts unuttered & all the feelings unexpressed
Play upon our hearts like the mist upon our breath.
But, awoken by grief, our spirits
the whole eternity 
Is smiling all the way for you and me 
It's you and I. We leave the world behind 

Into the blue we rise, into the blue 
Life is not a compromise
Though it often turns to this
Unintended suicide
As if our fate's sealed with a kiss

We're all taught to rise above
that you ugly, not on the outside
But in the inside on the outside you frontin' you lovely
The discovery of these things and all are well-hidden
the Olso hall
While all the cold Norweigians cried
Who could say
What was left and where was right?
By the way
I could play the blues all night
Listen to the waves speak up
The blue voice of the sea
And they whisper as they touch the shore
Come back to me
Come back to me

Boat by boat
had this much stimulation
Since her low down elevation, but
Oh, don't look in those eyes
Bluer than blue
Her rule's on the rise
And if I wear apathy's
[Verse One]
You replicas overlooking the guidelines of acoustics
Miserable attempts result in miserable conclusions
Paragon pen dragon tactician
fall, let me rise, let me dance in your eyes
And show you who you are

Let me wrap myself around your secrets
Till the stars burn into blue
Let me kiss,
In the morning
I watch the sun rise
I feel the sunshine
Open my eyes

Look out a window
To see the blue skies
Feel the wind blow
Close my eyes

I see
of the time
Give ya my soul now all of my mind
Wish I could just hit rewind rewind

Oh we must fight the war for survival we must win
And we will rise again
It makes nothing more than all

Through the limits of darkness feel our eyes
Sons of a sound servers who want to rise
We'll make the time explode
stood by the wall
And shot by the man in blue

If I could run with the grace of a sun-colored stallion
If I could fly like the great silver jets in
to live my life away without you
That kind of living now just won't do
There's been too much wasted time feeling blue
In the morning when you rise that
breath to see if something blows
Close your eyes, count till ten and see the sunrise rise
Gliding high into the sky
By the holy mansion, let
let me make this clear
Just a thought if it (?)

It's not about a salary it's all about reality,
And Hip Hop is the reality that creates all these
a record with Common Sense
Cause it's the music, the blues, it's the jazz, it's acoustics
Soul, Rock and Roll, the hip-hop that we producin', yea
do a record with common sense
Cause its the music, its blues, its jazz, its acoustics
Soul, rock and roll the hip hop we be producing yea
ticket and I won't be back
This Golden Rocket is gonna roll my blues away

Hear that lonesome whistle blow
That's your cue and by now you know

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