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La la la
Uh uh uh
Don't afflict nobody
With your body
With your bad love
(No, don't)
Afflict nobody
With your body
With your bad love
down in the lab working on a tincture

Covid-19 it can't afflict us cause music is my elixir
Covid-19 it can't afflict us cause music is my elixir
individuality is what I tell hoes
Words so influential I feel Ill make a mill if I sell prose
You can’t afflict it when a nigga naturally gifted
Flick of a button
and afflicts my soul
I worship You
Even when the words can't escape my throat
I worship You
For You are so much greater than the darkness encircling
The voices say me more, than
(Than you allows)
My life is so deep
Impact and afflict
They ghosts and the demons
They knows I'm alive
Just need
Killing inside
I am the killer, everyone dies

Look into my eyes
They come to murder, murder now
Everyone dies
Afflict them into a wall
Look into my
to choke the life out from your ?? Bodies

If only I could afflict you
Hurt you in the same way that you hurt
I just want to exact reprisal
That afflict me still 
Afflict me still the same 
And for you it was just distraction 
An unreminder rinsing off 
The silly whims of every other day
I'm pits deep in shit's creek
It feels like I'm gonna drown
This quicksand afflicts me 
It picks me and drags me down
Could this be a mislead when
won't dismiss
dismiss destructive 
Seductive obsessions
that afflicts your inner-self down

Destiny has shown his face
And now the time has come
Once you sell me down the river

Betrayal, is a roulette wheel
That makes a vixen outta karma
As it turns, it comes around
To afflict its hapless
will afflict
Contaminated by industrial wastes
Consequences must await
Contamination to our bodies
Defiling human qualities
Not hard
Slaughtering the innocent,
Massacring the weak
Intimidate their fearful minds
Corrupt their structurer world
Afflict with terror, their lives
the sting of the betrayal that afflicts us all You cannot know the warm touch of the vengeance that calls Without the sting of the betrayal that afflicts us
afflicts every page of earth
You'd write had you anyway
I only wish there was a way
A way to reverse the promise that we made
Evolution has changed
turn they provide her with
A perspective and awareness of the system and unfairness that afflicts 'em
And the clearest understandin' of what we gotta
and it's evident)
You're just a stunt, seekin' a settlement
The lyrical line (The article original)
Afflict like a convict, I ain't no criminal
Can't you feel it can't you see it
The promise of prosperity
It's overwhelming you and me
It afflicts us like a disease
Ubiquitous compelling too

Like empty shadows
Afflict our brains
Envision dreams
Just to ease the pain
There's more to life
Than to satisfy
I ask myself
the self-afflict
But it has to be that way
Waste words on what they feel
I’m prepared to make it real

And I thought you’ll make it
But you let go
to afflict my 

Pain from the grave 
Of my brazen fangs 
I will clamp down 
One last time on you

Never walk home all alone 
Tell me where I belong 
I've been
burning the bridges to you
No villain no demon
Can threaten my feelings
I self afflict all of my wounds
I Woke up from a nightmare falling
I fell
Your issues done bene-flipped you
Afflicts you
They could love you
But never say that they miss you
You call em your so called fam
But never really
The same misery that afflicts the all world
Left by cruelty to die alone
The weight of the scales is heading to the end
And I feel the desire of death

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