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are standing in front of I and I 
Working scientifical 
advancement to corrupt the mind 
Babylon in their little way 

Thinking of all the benefits
the inspiration of human advancement immobilized by the idoclasts narrow vision of sacramental absolution masturbation and intimacy awaken motivation yet it's
they are

Key to life is the question answered
Fly into never known advancement
Out of ignorance running rampant
Sterilizing us from disaster
of thermodynamics will
Place fixed limits on technological innovation
And human advancement
In an isolated system, the entropy
Can only increase
A species set
support of all
Rise above 

Rise as one
Restricted the advancement of this voice is stifled by itself 
When those who hold it in
myself, work for myself ask of me, a faceless devotion fill my head with dreams, of company advancement bleed our colors, this is not my life bleed our
Withdrawal of every light
And its sure advancement
Thoughts stop to drone in deepest heights
Am I being spoken to?

Neglected Virgin whore
tell that this was real enough for me

Blessed with hindsight, it was clear to me
Your reckless advancements came with no guarantees
My mind’s made
Within the dimensional cluster this rising advancement causes troubles beyond comprehension.
An increased "intelligence".
Begets a plague of stupidity...
I was hoping we'd make real progress -
But it seems we have lost the power
Any tiny step of advancement
Is like a raindrop falling into the ocean
get printed
Trees may be extinct like the elephants
(Like the elephants)
You know the advancement for the elegance
Dow Jones Industrial, real like my
Do you see the spirits stirring
As you close your eyes
Do you sense the slow advancement
As the twilight thins
Do you see the serpent dancing
the fairest in a land of fragments, target window stained =
With time's advancement, I'll hold the note so high, or tie it to a =
Brick and let it fly. You set
Deny the future
Reject technology
Protest advancement
And you'll shroud the world
In rags of failed ideals

The fear of change has bound us
the pentagons became
To win a war is the last thing on their mind
Career advancement is the main thing you will find
500 million dollars every day
panacea for what ails the nation
In advancement for the pig.
You'll not wrest the truth from my hands
Eyes never closed clarity.
Clamped down in a grip
is on fire. selling us a soul. sending us sedation. a living sacrifice. call it achievement. human advancement. the misconception of evolution. tied
I am mine, are we so advanced that we'd stum our advancement and we so civilized lust over weaponry. crucify the thieves, as we steal from our
plus advances
He knowin' the advancement and takin' our chances
And knowin' they'd rather see me in prison than at Stanford
I swear
good, we signed up on the dotted line
Bullshit advancement thinkin everything was fine
Up in the studio workin every night and day
For some strange
Television ethic of crisis on demand.
This is advancement, this is entertainment.
Was it Iraq, or Kosovo, Korea, or Japan, Panama, Vietnam,
Mind game after mind game for the head-trip after all the shit. One step in advancement, numb to everything. Searching for the result, striving for
the missing link, this is not advancement, the turth remains the same. As we push forward searching for our destiny, which we know damn well is death, I sing
Your advancements in technology
Aren't all they're cracked up to be
Life gets more complicated
Human knowledge becomes more outdated

is that what
time I don't belong 
I can't make nothing of myself 
I can't catch a break anywhere 
I seek advancement i don't know what to do 
I'm hopeless