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Adequate Seven  


i believe in me adequate for qualified oh to be all that i say i can be -
her world has shown me its not just me who needs more just to be this
No kids no food no pets 
Adequate understanding 
Ample cigarettes 
Blame it on the brunette
personality flaws
Give me adequate cause
To send him packing on a one-way trip
So his prospects take a terminal dip
His assets frozen
The venue chosen
as necessary 
to form an adequate gesture for beauty 
(you know that, don't you?) 
so beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body.
remission and it felt so glorious, 
But it was adequate compared to what I am. 
Compared to who I'm trying to be, yeah. 
And I don't even know who I think
You're the plague within my dreams
Soaring through an atmosphere of an adequate lack of strength
And we're responsible
The truth is that will ends here
the plague within my dreams
Soaring through an atmosphere of an adequate lack of strength
And we're responsible
The truth is that will ends here
Lord, I wish I could praise You with adequate words
But You leave me speechless
And I so long to sing You the song You deserve
But it would be
Blowing trash in bitter wind, zip my sweatshirt to the top

Shoulders high and hands are hid in pockets not quite adequate

Sidewalk take me
you already thought of an adequate answer? 
Say, "We were like a sticker
Permanent only for some patch of time"

Patch of time, you were once mine
Nobody takes their cases to court
Not ever if there are adequate grounds for suspicion
O.k., well I'll make it short
They take their grade in
of the ringmaster man

Our costumes by design, they are sweet candy for your eyes
But no adequate disguise tonight, no no not in my hometown

As I look out over
the floor

And they're African, Mexican, Caucasian, Indian
Hungry and hopeless Americans
The orphans of wealth and of adequate health
Disowned by this
Je cherche un titre un nom
Une palette et son moyen d'expression
Je cherche un doute un ton
Une boîte et son adéquate dimension
(Que por todas
Retires-là, ta chemise verte à poids
Enfourches la protection adéquate

Si tu montes, je monte, te monte
Si tu montes, je monte, te monte

Oui! C'est ça!
the virtues we lack.

I am intrigued, not merely curious as to why it takes so long to change your mind.
I am competent, not merely adequate, its impossible
Mercredi, demain Jeudi, see'est bath!
Tous le gens que je croise ont ta tete adequate
Tetes blondes, tetes brunes si bien galvanisees
Jour apres jour, au
pretty friends
You make me beautiful
You make me adequate, professional and tense

one night I caught you watching me while sleeping
I guess it's part
will adequate
and collaborate.

a great act of Free Will will be lived here
They already call it the Golden Age
We will adapt and celebrate
But we
a good man and I know that you've had it hard
Cus you're more than adequate, you're more than I wish for

Nothing, nothing,
Nothing, can make you any less.
the doctors
By the second trimester infantile tissues are tough

Making adequate dismemberment and removal difficult
But the dilation and extraction
Yes, its the year five hundred and eleven
Undead empire versus adequate seven
The power elite existence is real
Thriving on the passive, clouds
esteem achieved
Through penetration

I wish you would have lied
Cuz now I can't erase the fact
That I was your number sixty-five

Was I adequate did
Catch my name for kicks
Thinking I would be right by your side
I don't feel adequate
Thinking I'm a monster in disguise

We've gone down every

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